Want To Own A Crown Vic Police Car? Here’s What You Need To Know

According a former Crown Victoria Interceptor owner, everything you get from this car depends on your priorities and your expectations.

If you go purchase one simply because you’re looking for the cheapest way possible to own a rear-wheel driven 4.6-liter V8, getting your hands on an old cop car like the Police Interceptor could be rather clever.

Aesthetically, these Police Interceptor versions feature a black front grille and a black rear fascia on the trunk lid, with black trim underneath the taillights on versions newer than the year 2000. All that aside though, it’s rather unlikely you’ll be buying a Crown Vic because of its appearance.

So then what’s the first thing you can expect from the Crown Vic? For starters you might need to put up with people slowing down ahead of you, thinking you’re actually a police officer riding in a model boasting the Street Appearance package – which was designated for undercover cars, office/city motor pool, fire departments and so on.

Second, you might even get some angry looks after they realize you’re not a cop. However, you probably won’t get cut off or tailgated as often with people assuming there might be a law enforcement officer behind the wheel.

Of course, these are just a few superficial things you might want to take into consideration, though if you want to know more about it from a technical and equipment-level perspective, we suggest you watch the full video below.