Have You Ever Seen A RHD Corvette? Well, Here’s One

The Corvette belongs to a long group of cars that were never (officially) converted in right-hand drive and that sucks for local fans because they have to go the extra mile, if they really want one.

Especially for fans in Australia, where the legislation demands that any LHD car that’s 30 years old or younger must be converted to right-hand drive before its registration, getting your dream car from overseas get quickly turn into an expensive task.

These conversions don’t come cheap usually as many parts of the dashboard must be recreated by hand, not to mention any potential complications with the move of the steering column to the other side of a vehicle that wasn’t designed for this.

Meet John from Australia, who decided he wanted a Corvette C6 ZO6 in his home country and made it happen. After paying AU$50k (around $36k US) for the conversion and getting himself the legal sticker, his Corvette became one of the very few that have their steering wheel on the right side.

John even let 1320video drive his precious Corvette down the drag strip for a quick run, despite the amount of money he put in to drive it at the Land of Oz.