Is This Ferrari Enzo Worth $3.9 Million?

Named after the company’s founder, the Ferrari Enzo cemented its position among the brand’s finest and the supercar elite long ago, despite only launching in 2002.

As one of the last unadulterated mid-engined supercars of its time, the Enzo has become a true icon and is certainly one of the planet’s most desirable models. As a result, it is a particularly special occasion when a pristine example hits the market.

This particular Enzo is listed up for sale courtesy of iLusso in the United States and is a 2003 example. With an asking price of $3.9 million, it certainly isn’t cheap but a quick look at the photos suggest it is worth every cent.

A key selling point is that it has a mere 141 miles on the odometer, making it one of the lowest mileage Enzos anywhere. By comparison, Floyd Mayweather’s Enzo sold for $3.3 million at auction last year with 560 miles.

Both inside and out, this Enzo looks as good as it did when it rolled out of Maranello in October 2003. Heck, it still has the plastic across the carbon fiber footwells.

While the LaFerrari may be Ferrari’s quickest road car of the 21st century, you can bet your bottom dollar prices for the Enzo will rise in the coming decades.