Lexus Said To Present Longer, Seven-Seat RX To Tackle Volvo XC90 Later This Year

Lexus have been mulling over the introduction of a longer, seven-seat version of their RX SUV for quite some time now, and according to a new report from Autocar, it’s coming this year.

Expected be introduced later in 2017, before going on sale in 2018, it will be a more practical and roomier take on the RX, geared against the likes of the Volvo XC90 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, among other luxury SUVs.

It’s believed to keep the same powertrain options as the standard RX, including the V6-powered RX350L and the hybrid RX450hL. Lexus itself has yet to confirm the report, though Toyota boss Karlk Schlich hinted at an an expanded range of crossovers from the two brands:

We would see other SUV developments before we’d see another coupe – that’s my guess. Once the coupes have done their job, we need to further refine the SUV range.

Aside from the three-row RX, Lexus is also believed to be prepping a smaller SUV that was previewed by the UX Concept in Paris last fall. Lexus has already taken a first step into this direction by trademarking the UX200, UX250 and UX250h names with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is likely that the UX will serve as an indirect replacement for the unsuccessful CT hatch as Lexus’ entry-level model. 


  • TrevP

    Whats wrong with the GX? Or is that in a different segment?

    • Kash

      The GX is a body on frame, the RX rides on the Camry’s platform. The GX is for people who buy the 4Runner but they want something a little more plush, this is for people who just want to have something in case it rains or wants to just sit up higher. It’s not so much about segment but their target customers and they’re totally different people. The GX also only offers a V8 the RX has the i4 (outside America), v6, and Hybrid+v6 setups. a LWB version of the RX would cater more to the Buick Enclave/Q7/X5 customers.

      • TrevP

        Ah, makes sense! Thanks!

        • Kash

          Not a problem! 🙂

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This will be very useful since Lexus doesn’t have anything in this segment. The GX is seen as to unwieldy (I know people who were considering one) while the NX is too small for some. So this, while long overdue (I expected this to debut the time the new gen debuted), it will fill a segment it needs and ultimately help sales and grow the brand.

  • antbee

    Who are the people asking for all of these varieties of the same vehicle? Remember when vehicles came in two-four trim levels? There are so many different configurations for the same vehicle, that I’m sure a lot of people are finding it very daunting to go out looking for a car to buy, or just don’t do it, because it is too confusing.

    I’ve been asked by many friends to help them look for vehicles, because they know I love cars, and they hate shopping for them, because, they are confused as all get out. Lexus has an 8-seater, it’s the LX, based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. What’s wrong with just letting people choose amongst its trim-levels.

    I find the automakers are playing a dangerous game, by depending upon trucks, SUVs and CUVs for the present time and long-term future. Gas prices are steadily rising up here in Canada, but I don’t know about it in regards to the US. As you all probably know, OPEC and other oil & gas conglomerates, are doing whatever they can, like cutting back on production, so oil prices will go back up, thus, higher gas prices. We don’t win by getting a 7-seater RX, the oil & gas industry does.

    To me, there is nothing wrong with the current RX, it sells well, why mess with it? Again, who is asking Lexus to put a seventh seat in the RX? The answer: Lexus. Also, when did it become a “thing,” to be an all-encompassing automaker? I don’t think it is necessary for automakers to be, “All Things, To All Men.” (Women, too, just wanted to do the quote correctly)

    Sorry for this being so long. It ends, now! And one more thing… “NOW, I SAID!!” 😉

    • supermanuel

      We don’t get the GX or LX in UK and they’re not sold in Europe either, so Lexus doesn’t have a 7 seater here. I can see that a competitor for the XC90, Q7, GLS etc. would be very appealing for Lexus. The previous XC90 was amazingly popular and I expect the new one is following in it’s footsteps. With all due respect, the GX and LX don’t look like they’d compete with those cars in any context, outside of North America at least. I like the idea of an RX 7 seater personally so long as the rear overhang doesn’t get too long.

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