New VW I.D. Buzz Concept Will Hopefully Morph Into Reborn Electric Microbus

We’ve been here before a couple of times as this is not the first time VW is playing the “new Microbus” card but hopefully and with the help of the company’s new electric push, the new I.D. Buzz concept might have a chance to reach production.

This is the second electric I.D. concept after the hatchback study that debuted at Paris last September, with the Buzz to be based on the same electric-exclusive MEB platform and featuring a tonne of tech on all fronts.

The electric powertrain for example includes two 201hp electric motors mounted on each axle with a combined output of 369hp, allowing the Buzz to accelerate from zero to 60mph in 5.1 seconds and onto a limited 99mph top speed.

The battery pack has a capacity of 111kWh and is mounted on the floor of the vehicle, allowing for an impressive driving range of 270 miles (600km NEDC). Moreover, VW says that it can be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in 30 minutes, using the company’s Combined Charging System (CSS) or an inductive charging interface with a charging rate of 150kW.

Thanks to the versatility of the platform, VW says that it’s very easy to offer the Buzz with only one rear-mounted electric motor and a smaller 83kWh battery pack if necessary.

Other highlights include the fully autonomous driving system which VW calls I.D. Pilot, the User-ID feature which recognizes who is sitting behind the wheel and tunes the car to his or hers preferred setup and an augmented-reality head-up display among others.

The whole design approach is definitely retro, evoking the cute and iconic shape of the original while hiding some of the most forward-looking technologies known yet to the industry. The versatile cabin can be configured in many ways, from normal, with all the seats facing forward, to sleeping or like a lounge, with the front seats facing backwards even when the car is traveling in its fully autonomous mode.

Let’s all just wish that VW will throw it into production this time. Come on VW, build it already!


  • Mickey Jones

    This is VW’s fifth concept of the ‘new’ Microbus.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 5 times, and you’re just being pointlessly redundant and annoying VW.

    Hi Ellen.

    • LeftLanePrius

      That’s why they have a troll on the dash.

  • mb4design

    I’d like it even more if the floor were 6″ lower, like a van, so you don’t have to crawl inside.

  • Mr E Fella

    nice ipad. best “reborn” concept so far. just build it already, youve been pussy footing around it for way too long

  • Evo45

    Electric Microbus? Renewed Transporter/Caravelle or something?