Skoda Kodiaq Scout Beefed Up For Geneva Debut

If there’s one thing that the Volkswagen Group has figured out, it’s how to ruggedize its road-going vehicles. You might assume, though, that it wouldn’t need to apply that treatment to its SUVs… but you’d be mistaken. Case in point: the new Skoda Kodiaq Scout.

Scout, for those unfamiliar, is what Skoda calls its beefing-up program – similar to sister-brand VW’s Alltrack, Audi’s Allroad, and Seat’s X-Perience lines. The Czech brand has already applied the treatment to successive versions of the Octavia, Roomster, and Fabia – but now it’s extending the same (with apologies to the Yeti) to its first proper SUV.

Not unlike the Seat Ateca X-Perience, the Kodiaq Scout is distinguished by features including specific 19-inch wheels, tinted glass, and silver-colored underbody protection, roof rails, window frames, and door mirrors.

Since the Kodiaq is already a sport-ute, Skoda apparently didn’t need to beef up the wheel arches any further, but you’ll naturally find some special badges both inside and out. It also comes with the Off-Road Assist and Rough-Road options, as well (of course) as all-wheel drive.

The Scout model will be available with four options – two burning gasoline and two diesel, ranging up to 190 metric horsepower. Look for the ruggedized version of Skoda’s most rugged model to date to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in less than two months from now.

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  • blueharley

    tell me now, is it Tiguan or Touareg ?

    • BGM

      Neither. It’s a last gen Q7. Part of me is disgusted with the entire VW group for their laziness. Part of me says *you could do worse*.

      • Bash

        oh, so true

      • Able

        No it’s not, it’s a Tiguan Allspace.

        • O123

          Isn’t the all space a Kodiak? Seeing as it came out first.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      better. it is a SKODA.

    • Bash

      who cares, lol

  • pureworx

    The Skoda Touareg it looks like from the size.. more pointless badge engineering

  • Miknik

    A cross over version of a cross over. but still with part time 4wd. And looking the same. About as pointless as it can get…..

  • roy

    it is as useful as the sedan version of a coupe version of a sedan…. but both looks good though

    • TheHake

      Hey! That’s my line! 😉

  • auto

    The honeycomb mouth and the ill shaped fog lights, pathetic.

  • TheHake

    Love that colour!

  • It’s not a ute!

  • EddyCj

    What’s the point of this? They made Octavia and Superb Scout to make it look more “off road” like. Now they make this for an SUV…this is pointless if you ask me.

    • Sébastien

      Not really considering all “SUV” come with fully painted bumpers (as they mostly never leave city centers)

      So having one that goes a bit rugged, for that price, will definitely be appreciated.