Skoda Rapid Impaled By Bamboo Poles, Somehow Occupants Survive

The worst part about failing to give incoming traffic the right of way, is that you’re leaving other motorists with very little time to react to your mistake.

It’s a valuable lesson to learn, which most drivers do even without having to go through any near-death experiences. The person behind the wheel of this Skoda Rapid in China, however, was a little less fortunate.

We’re not sure how the driver missed the fact that there wasn’t really any time or space for him to maneuver forward, but once he did, the truck driver didn’t have a choice but to hit the brakes – which in turn sent those poles flying forward, impaling the Rapid.

Thankfully, after the woman passenger emerges from the backseat, we also get to see a man wearing a white shirt being pulled from the car, seemingly unharmed, though undoubtedly shaken up.

In the end, any day where you walk away from a Final Destination-type of end-game scenario, is a good day.


  • Jay

    Wow. The driver would’ve died a very painful death.

  • Cameron

    That’s literally one of my worst nightmares, thanks a lot Final Destination, I think I would of just killed myself after that because we all know what happens If you avoid…. DESTINY!

    • Status

      Or you could just say that destiny doesn’t exists and that we’re ultimately at the mercy of ceaseless chemical interactions on the level from the atomic to the galactic bounded by entropy, but whatever.

    • Captain Obvious

      well if you believe destiny.. then the driver’s destiny was to avoid this accident..

  • pcurve

    looks like the side curtain airbags came to rescue

  • Six_Tymes

    they are lucky, but they did cause it. drove in front of fast moving traffic slowly. dumb asses.

  • smartacus

    Speed Bumps?
    Seriously ??

  • Carl

    The truck is absolutely overloaded.

    • Jakub

      normal stuff in asia..

  • lapirk

    Jesus is real!

    • Silimarina

      Yes, you can find him/them in Mexico

    • Status

      It’s also a great way to control and limit people.

  • BqWsRe

    To think some people said China would be a superpower.

    Still waiting…

    • Six_Tymes


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