The New Suzuki Swift Looks Like It Would Make A Cool Racer

In the nearly two weeks since Suzuki revealed its new Swift, we’ve seen it virtually rendered into virtually every form. But this one comes straight from the manufacturer. And while it’s no more likely to actually go into production, it actually exists, in the metal… if only as a one-off.

Dubbed the Swift Racer RS, what you’re looking at is not so much a hot hatch that Suzuki intends to produce, or a racing model it intends to put on the track, but rather a show car.

It wears the blue and neon green livery of Team Suzuki Ecstar, the outfit that represents the Japanese manufacturer in MotoGP. It also features 17-inch alloys, a stripped-out cockpit with Recaro racing seats, and more. The one-off is one of several that Suzuki intends to showcase at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon – Japan’s equivalent to the SEMA show, highlighting the local tuner scene.

Along with it, Suzuki will bring an Ignis similarly decked out in a motorcycle racing livery (this time borrowed from the company’s off-road racing team) and a Spacia Custom Z decked out in black with a heavy metallic flake and croc-pattern leather roof.

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  • Bash

    love the swift dressed as a racer…. not the ignis though.

  • sidewaysspin

    Suzuki is a brand we want to like.

  • Dredd

    too ugly

  • SteersUright

    Sometimes hard to reconcile that this is the same company that makes some wicked high performance motorcycles. You’d think they’d have at least one badass tiny sports car in their lineup.

  • I agree, I think it would make for a really neat racer.