New Toyota Camry Gets Its 5.9-Liter Pushrod V8 For NASCAR

Typically it takes an automaker’s motorsport department a little while to come out with the racing machinery to match the road-going production car on which it’s ostensibly based. But not Toyota – not with the new Camry.

Alongside the eighth-generation production sedan, Toyota took the wraps off the NASCAR Cup-spec Camry at the Detroit Auto Show this week.

So where you’d expect to find a four- or six-cylinder engine, this Camry packs a 5.9-liter pushrod V8 kicking out 725 horsepower to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission.

The design process, undertaken in collaboration between Toyota Racing Development and the company’s Calty Design studio, was kept highly secretive so NASCAR fans would have no idea what was coming until its debut.

Now that it has, the new Camry is set to hit the track next month at Daytona – months before the production model reaches showrooms in the summer. Star drivers Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, and Matt Kenseth are already lined up to drive it in the newly rebranded Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Busch took the Cup in a Toyota in 2015, and the manufacturer won its first championship last year, so the new Camry has big shoes to fill.

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  • Bash

    just when think you’ve seen everything. i love it

  • Maricaibo

    Calling this a Camry is like calling the space shuttle a bottle rocket.

  • SteersUright

    For all the flack chevy got for its “ancient” pushrod engine design, why are they then using it on a brand new Nascar race car? Its is required by Nascar or does it still have some packaging/torque advantages over other engine types?

    • antbee

      Look to The Corvette for your answers, my child… 😉

      • SteersUright

        Even Corvette is rumored to finally be moving to a DOHC engine design in the near future from what I’ve read, with the first application being the new ZR-1 I believe. Either way, i’ve always read that Chevy’s small blocks put out tons of power/TQ and were relatively compact, light and efficient. Don’t see anything “old-school” or bad about those qualities.

  • antbee

    Hadn’t they already shown us the NASCAR version of the new Camry already? I don’t pay attention to much of anything NASCAR, but I am quite sure we’ve seen it before the autoshow.
    Could be wrong. Also, why am I commenting, when NASCAR is just a big, “meh,” to me?

  • jimrie

    If the public can’t buy a v8 camry from a dealer then they should not be allowed in NASCAR.

    • steve_k440

      That’s the politics of NASCAR. I remember when the Monte Carlo in 86 had a sliding board back window to help Earnhardt so Chevy had to produce a ugly Super Sport.