This Toyota 2JZ-Powered 1968 Ford Mustang Sounds So Wrong, It’s Right

And it has a Gulf livery on it which makes it even cooler, in a weird way.

This six-cylinder 1968 Ford Mustang was given a second chance in life when Beau Miklethun got his hands on it, as we can see in the latest eGarage video.

Wanting to keep away from the popular road of throwing a V8 in it and calling it a day, Miklethun decided to try at first a Ford 2.3-litre turbocharged engine but that unit blew, so his path to unconventional engine-swapping lead him ultimately to the most fabled Japanese engine, Toyota’s 2JZ straight-six.

Being a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise certainly help with his decision, as a similar car was featured on the Tokyo Drift film.

Yes, there will be some purists that will deem the whole project as sacrilegious but somehow the whole build just clicks together when you watch the Gulf-liveried classic Mustang pass by and all you can listen is the six-cylinder soundtrack, mixed with the always engaging turbo flutter.