All-New 2018 Ford Expedition Adopts Aluminum And Drops 300 Pounds

Ford has just revealed their all-new 2018 Expedition, a full-size SUV with plenty of interior space, modern connectivity features and driver-assist technologies galore.

In fact, Ford claims that the 2018 Expedition features more driver-assist technology than any other full-size SUV on the market. These systems include a class-exclusive enhanced active park assist, as well as available 360-degree camera technology that also aids parking.

Other similar features include the lane-keeping aid, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, the collision avoidance detection system as well as the blind spot information system.

Its new connectivity and convenience technologies include wireless charging, Wi-Fi hotspot, SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, SYNC Connect, a 12-speaker B&O sound system, the Panoramic Vista Roof, advanced cargo manager and power for every passenger with four 12-volt power points, six USB chargers and a 110-volt power outlet.

As stated above, the 2018 Expedition saves up to 300 lbs thanks to the use of advanced materials such as the all-new high-strength aluminum-alloy body and redesigned high-strength steel frame. Of course, less weight means better fuel efficiency and better performance, which is where the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with standard Auto Start-Stop comes in. It’s mated to a class-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission and even benefits from a new electronic limited-slip differential on models with Intelligent 4WD.

Speaking of 4WD, customers looking to purchase the all-new Expedition can look forward to using its all-new Terrain Management System, boasting a Normal setting for around-town driving, Sport for “more spirited trips”, Tow/Haul for better towing & hauling performance, Eco for better fuel economy, Grass/Gravel/Snow for slippery terrain, Sand for low traction surfaces and Mud/Rut for uneven surfaces.

Inside, the 2018 Expedition can seat up to eight people thanks to its sliding second-row with tip-and-slide functionality – aiding access to the third row without the need to first remove a child seat. Both the second and third rows can then be folded flat with the push of a button, which means you can store 4×8-foot sheers of plywood and other gear in the back, even with the liftgate closed.

Ford’s all-new Expedition will hit showrooms this fall, available in XLT, Limited and Platinum trims. There will also be an XL version aimed at fleet customers ranging from law enforcement to emergency services.

“Gallery updated with live photos from the Chicago Auto Show



  • Kash

    The interior isn’t bad but the exterior looks horrible. It looks like they tweaked and enlarged the Explorer and it didn’t cope with with the enlargement.

    • Jay

      Im not saying it’s ugly but for some reason I see tahoe/yukon/escalade in side profile. It definitely looks too generic, if the new navigator is coming from this its going to suck.

      • T_Cake

        There’s probably good reason for this. Where I live, I see tons of Tahoes, Yukons, Escalades and Suburbans. Expeditions and Navigators are scarce. They may be generic, but they’re selling.

        • Jay

          So you’re saying that ford wants the to look like the others so they blend in and don’t stand out at all.

          • Harry_Wild

            Wise move for Ford since Tahoe, Yukon and Escalades have over 80% of full size U.S. SUV market!

    • Jay

      Im not saying it’s ugly but for some reason I see tahoe/yukon/escalade in side profile. It definitely looks too generic, if the new navigator is coming from this its going to suck.

      • Kash

        Completely agree, that C-pillar is pretty much stolen from GM designs, and then the chrome belt line trim is very A4 Avant + Q7 +Range Rover vibe. Mostly it reminds me of that rendering done just after the Q7 was released and they tweaked the styling to make it more wagon like.

    • TheHake

      I’m not saying anything about the exterior, but the interior is ugly to me. Looks very dated.

      • Kash

        I’m not saying it’s anything to write home about, but it’s not the worst interior on the market right now. But after seeing the live photos the leather looks really cheap. The Center console is such a large piece it shouldn’t have been that plain on top. The seat backs look like they’re not really sewn to anything and they’re just kinda thrown over the frames.

        The doors and dash look fine quality wise but the seats and steering wheel cheapen everything. I would’ve gone for a 2-tone look on the seats. That door panel in pic 5 looks really good color wise. I would’ve matched the seats to that but with just a little more of the light colored leather.

        I think the worst part is we’re looking at the limited model and if it looks like this, what’s the base spec gonna look like? lol.

        • TheHake

          I agree the door panels actually look quite nice, but that plastic console for the controls in the middle of the dash looks terribly cheap. I guess we are spoiled with interiors like the XC90…

          • Kash

            We also have to remember they’re trying to leave room for the Navigator as well, so they can’t get too nice with this thing.

  • Not Bad at All

    Although I would never purchase a large SUV, I do like what Ford has done with this model. It takes styling clues from both the Flex and the Explorer. Now, get rid of Mark Fields and Ford might really start going places.

  • Matt Teter
    • Benjamin B.

      It looks more like an enlarged Ford Explorer to me. It looks better than the Chevy Tahoe, but barely. Full-size, body-on-frame SUVs don’t look hot.

      • cooper

        The build quality will be better in the Ford. Go check out a 2017 Tahoe or Yukon. The door panels don’t match up with the dash, center stack has gaps. I looked at a few two weeks ago. Just awful, the sales man had nothing to say except I see what you mean and I’m sorry.

        • Benjamin B.

          Modern Fords are pretty good. I wonder if Ford plans on exporting the Expedition.

          • datCubanguy

            is for sale here in Philippines,starts @3,5 Million pesos.about $70grands in U.S.

  • Merc1

    Exterior is bland AF, but the interior is really nice.


  • TrevP

    When is the Navigator going to be released?

  • Dennis Scipio

    The Front Grille looks like a Larger Explorer.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I actually like it.

    • Bo Hanan

      Me too. “Road Trip!!”

  • Dan Facciolo

    Nice Escalade!

    • Eythan Aldrich

      you mean tahoe/suburban? because escalade > navigator

  • Matthijs

    The current one looks bland as well.. I really like the nose (except for the plastic front lip) and the rest looks pretty ok. Taillights could be better though

  • SteersUright

    So new its not even available for sale, yet how does this already look so outdated? And 300lbs is not enough of a weight loss on this behemoth. Typical American automobile announcement, playing up a half-assed product wanting to play it extra safe, not put those development dollars at too much risk. Well, no risk, no reward. Not one American car in production to be truly proud of and certainly not this oversized lunchbox on wheels.
    With the Explorer and now this Expedition, its clear Ford is trying to replicate the German’s 1-sausage-multiple-sizes design practice. Problem is, it doesn’t work if your sausage looks like its been sitting on the shelf for the last 10 years.

    • donald seymour

      You Preaching GOOD! And the choir says AMEN!

  • psiqtas

    Wow, it has the same design shape like the Tahoe/Suburban, just even like a copy – I’m wondered why they only offer the twin-turbocharged V6 not a V8 too as it turns out the real world MPG is higher or the same as the V8?

  • ErnieB

    While I like it I’d goTahoe/Yukon any day over this..

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It already looks like one.

      • ErnieB

        Exactly! But I prefer the chevy’s interior better.. hate the Tonka truck looking center console thing..

        • ajteek

          We’ve been waiting for the release as our 15 yukon denali has been nothing but one big problem. We will definitely consider this once it hits the lot. just google tahoe/yukon buffeting ear pressure. big problem with GMs trucks that haven’t been corrected for over 3yrs now.


    Beautiful. Much better than the Tahoe-Suburban.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      That it looks exactly like, right?

  • Justin Spencer

    It’s about time this thing gets an update and overall it looks pretty nice. I like that it actually looks like an SUV rather than a grocery getting tall wagon like the Explorer. Exterior styling is on the bland side but I have no doubt that Ford will offer plenty of wheel and trim upgrades as they normally do to boost its looks. These mammoth-sized utes sell in North America and this one surely will too. I personally think they’re too expensive and needlessly large….but hey, good for those who like them.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    GM much?

  • KidRed

    Could the box designers at Ford make anything less boring?

  • kachuks

    Somebody tell Ford/GM designers that their previous generation full-size SUVs look better.

    • psiqtas


  • Mark S

    The interior look well packed and made for a Ford. The exterior is laughable.

  • Benjamin B.

    Looks like a bigger Ford Explorer to me!

  • Benjamin B.

    Disappointed Ford didn’t offer the entry level models with the 2.7T. This new Expedition will be expensive.

  • Espada

    The front reminds me of the nissan armada/patrol while the rear taillights remind me of the subaru forester.

  • U8INIT

    This thing makes me super nervous about the Navi…You know when you see someone who’s on the heavier side but you say to yoursel they carry it well…This thing doesn’t carry it’s weight well at all IMO…

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Nice but underwhelming

  • no25

    It’s like an Explorer and Tahoe had a child. Also, the taillights are huge.

  • BlackPegasus

    They missed the mark here. It looks like more lipstick on the current bland model.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Doesn’t look as bad inside as a Tahoe. The alloy body isn’t interesting but the weight savings is.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Were the taillights designed to meet government standards or an agreed upon styling choice????? They’re massive.

  • gshemant

    The big suv market is back! Strong sales of Tahoe/suburban have made Nissan step up with the armada and now ford with the expedition. Now if only Toyota could do the same with the sequoia.

  • Scott Harpel
    • Tumbi Mtika

      I come from the future.

      IT DOES.

  • TheBelltower

    That dashboard is inexcusable.

    • Bash

      im a bit disappointed as well… but hey, it will have the rotary shifter.. that’s a plus.. and the wood grain looks fine too

  • Bash

    I like it!

  • john1168

    WTF is it with Ford and grilles?!?! Ford makes the WORST freakin’ grilles… The grille on this looks horrible but everything else is pretty good.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      hopefully you’re not bashing the facelifted f150 grill…..if you do…..then you have no room to talk here

      • john1168

        The F150 grillE looks even worse and is exactly what I’m getting at. They look terrible and take away from what’s a decent design. It’s just my opinion. No one has to agree with me.

        • john1168

          You can add the Explorer too for having a crappy looking grille too.

        • Eythan Aldrich

          Of course nobody is going to agree with you….now get lost

          • john1168

            Are you the designer of the grille or something? I’m sorry I hurt your feelings ya big baby. Your box of tissues are in the mail….. and a new set of glasses…

          • Eythan Aldrich

            how about you stop calling me like that and get out of here…..

          • john1168

            @Eythan, LOL… I’m done here… Feel free to have the last word….

        • Six Thousand Times

          I’m upvoting this for that capital E at the end of grille.

          • john1168

            LMAO! I’m glad somebody got that 😀 I upvoted your upvote 🙂

    • Tinky-Winky

      I don’t really see anything wrong with the grille – simple, elegant, blends nicely with the headlights – no reason for anybody to freak out.

      • john1168

        It’s just my opinion. I personally don’t like but I will grant Ford that they made it cohesive and fit in with the rest of the design of the vehicle. I like everything else. Just not the grille. Did I mention I don’t like the grille??? 🙂 Maybe it will grow on me…

  • Liam Paul

    I like this to be honest. I would cross shop this with a tahoe


  • john1168

    I too see a lot of Tahoe in the profile and I still hate the grille. The grille on this brown one looks a bit cheap and I don’t like the upscale one either. The tail lights are a little weird too. I do like the powertrain and the 4 wheel independent suspension. The interior is nice but I don’t like the vents. And the +- buttons for the manual shift is a pathetic joke. Overall it is nice though and for the most part I do think Ford did a good job. Change the grille and the manual shifters though…

  • TheHake

    Damn that’s an ugly interior. What the hell?

  • JVM1211

    All it needs is Dock Bumpers and Fishing troller tower on it OMG the poor design engineer, I thought 2009 was bad Who Makes it Hatteras?

  • JVM1211

    Actually on second look with two cups of coffee All it needs is in 24 Karat gold on the side in laser lights flashing ” TRUMP”

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    The interior is nice, but the exterior is absolutely horrendous…not to mention the fact that it’s smaller too!! Whoever designed the 2018 model needs to be shown the door! It looks like Ford tried to merge the Explorer with GM’s Tahoe, Suburban, and Escalade SUVs! Not a good combination at all! Simply put, I’ll take the previous generation Expedition any day over this design!

    Bring back the V8 too!

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