All-New Jeep Compass Starts At $22,090

Jeep are prepping the launch of their new generation Compass in North America, where the first examples are expected to arrive at dealerships next week.

Serving as a replacement to both the previous model as well as the Patriot, this new compact SUV can be had from $22,090 in the base 2WD Sport trim level, delivery included, AutoNews writes.

The cheapest AWD model carries a $1,500 premium, while the mid-range Latitude will become available from $25,390. Furthermore, the all-wheel driven Trailhawk has a starting price of $29,690, while the range-topping Limited AWD will set its future buyers back at least $30,990. All prices are said to include shipping.

Built for the United States at the company’s Toluca plant, in Mexico, the 2017 Jeep Compass is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, producing 180 horses and 175 pound-feet (237 Nm) of torque. It works in conjunction with either a six-speed manual, a six-speed automatic or a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Jeep says that the most fuel efficient Compass is the 2WD model when coupled to a manual transmission, returning 23/32/26 mpg US (10.23/7.35/9.05 l/100 km) in city/highway/combined, thus making it the second most fuel efficient Jeep after the Renegade. As for the AWD manual Compass, it’s EPA-rated at 22/31/25 mpg (10.69/7.59/9.41 l/100 km).

At the same time, the 9-speed auto version of the vehicle is rated at 22/30/25 mpg (10.69/7.84/9.41 l/100 km) and 21/29/24 mpg (11.2/8.11/9.8 l/100 km) in city/highway/combined, for the 2WD and 4WD versions, respectively.


  • Michael_66589

    They could bring V6 Pentastar inside as a Limited or Summit option. Without it its just boring small family car.

    • Jay

      Much better looking than the old compass and new current cherokee IMO. Resembles the Grand cherokee just enough and if they do bring a V6 to the line it it will sell big. I doubt they put a V6 in it though.

    • BqWsRe

      No one ever said they wont in the following model years. And euros dont like V6s, even if they are much better

    • BqWsRe

      Still cooler than the competition.

      Oh, and people seem to buy “boring family cars”…

  • Mikestroh

    Needs a Turbo 2.0 with at Least 220 Hp for the premium version. Then is would’ve been interesting.

    • dlinfl

      I agree, they have a new 2.0l that they decided not to use. That killed any interest I had in buying one.

      • BqWsRe

        Welcome to globalization.

        But they also want you to have a reason to ante up extra cash for a larger, more “premium” model. Business.

    • ME

      The Hurricane unit will eventually be produced once the new Wrangler gets off production. That engine will have a boost to it giving it the power it deserves.

  • SgtBeavis

    Such a massive improvement from the previous generation. Of course that’s not saying much since a Yugo would have been an improvement.

    That said, this design needs to lose that chrome bar across the roof line and C pillar. It does absolutely nothing to improve this car’s looks. It is actually holding it back from being an outstanding design. I’m not a fan of the blacked out roof either. This is certainly a case of where less would be MUCH more…

  • OdysseyTag

    Like this upgrade. Definitely seems more rugged and accomplished compared to it’s predecessor. I do somehow miss Jeep’s whole ’rounded headlamp’ era but the way forward in terms of design seems promising non the less.

  • I never got where Compass and Patriot are in the Jeep Range and what the competition is.

    • BqWsRe

      Doesnt matter, the new model will sell like hotcakes. Great Jeep looks finally and functional like a Jeep should be.

      • BqWsRe

        The new Grand Cherokee will separate itself from this more.

  • Harry_Wild

    Waiting for the Compass Hellcat with 707 hp inside and 600 ft-lb.

  • smartacus

    why didn’t they use a better engine?
    don’t they have a 2.0T?

    180HP and 175 lb.ft. of torque from a 2.4 boat anchor is unacceptable for 2017.
    Even a Fiesta ST is getting a 1.5 triple with 197HP and 214 lb.ft.

    • ME

      They will install the Hurricane unit first in the Wrangler.

  • U8INIT

    Super glad it looks the way it looks…SRT mine thou and we good.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Ugh, that 9-speed and 2.4 are dreadful apart and together.

  • ME
  • Andrew Ngo

    Best looking Jeep inside out! This will sell very well.

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