Lexus And Porsche Top J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study

J.D. Power has released its annual U.S. vehicle dependability study with Lexus and Porsche tying for top honors.

The study, now in its 28th year, examines the problems experienced in the last 12 months by owners of 3-year-old vehicles. J.D. Power determines dependability by discovering how many problems are experienced per 100 vehicles with the lower score the better. This year’s study explored problems related to exterior, engine/transmission, audio/communication/entertainment/navigation, interior, the driving experience, features/controls/displays, heating/ventilation/air conditioning and seats.

In total, there were 35,186 respondents to the study with 224 models considered.

Lexus and Porsche both recorded 110 problems per 100 vehicles with Toyota taking home third place with 123. Buick, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda and Jaguar then rounded out the top 10. The industry average was 156 PP100 vehicles with Fiat easily taking last place with 298 issues PP100 vehicles.

As shown in the images below, awards are also given to individual cars in different market segments. Among the winners was the Chevrolet Sonic (Best Small Car), Toyota Prius (Best Compact Car), Toyota FJ Cruiser (Best Compact SUV), Lexus ES (Best Compact Premium Car) and Toyota Camry (Best Midsize Car). Of the 18 segments analyzed, Toyota and Lexus scored victory in 10 of them.

Compared to last year’s results, the industry average of 156 PP100 rose by 4 PP100. J.D. Power blames this on an increase in technology-related problems with the Audio/Communication/Entertainment/Navigation category accounting for 22 per cent of all problems reported. The most reported problems related to Bluetooth pairing/connectivity and built-in voice recognition software misinterpreting commands.


  • Day_Trader

    Oh my, look at Italian craftsmanship / European design there in the last place. Any bets that’s where Alpha will end up in a couple of years?

    • Matt

      It’s spelt ALFA.

      • sadgreswag


        • Matt

          Actually both words are correct. ‘Spelled’ is more commonly used in America though.

          Thank you for bringing this into the discussion.

          • Day_Trader

            Thank you Matt for starting the oh-so-useful, first ever Car English 101. Now, let’s discuss what other words you could have used? It’s written? It’s…?

  • Karl

    It would be also nice if they could top in the looks department. Damn,who hit that thing with the ugly stick?

    • badcyclist

      I don’t know, but they keeping beating it in the face– they get uglier every year.

  • Kagan

    but not in sweden there porsche is one of the worst.

    • Matt

      How does that work exactly?

      • Kagan

        In sweden it was more mechanical and electrical failures not so much what the owner thinks.

  • Matthijs

    How come Japanese brands often score so low in US lists but not in European lists…?

    • pureworx

      score so low? honda, lexus, toyota are in the top 10 in that list.. i think your question should be how did mercedes, jaguar, porsche BMW make it into the top 10?.. wait because its based on what the owners think and not actual problems like the european one is.

      • Matthijs

        Then it makes sense. And yeah Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Acura score low..

      • BlackPegasus

        Good deductions. I have a friend who bought a BMW 3 series several years ago and despite many Saturdays at the dealership with mechanical issues he still believes his BMW is better than the Japanese car he previously owned.

  • Arminius JP

    I am surprised that even the best ranked, Lexus, has “110 problems per 100 vehicles”, especially when overall “over 40 per cent. of respondents marked they had zero problems with their 3 year old vehicles”. So the 60 per cent. with problems were sold true lemons?

  • TheBelltower

    Porsche is impressive because they are mechanically complexed machines, surgically precise, and designed to be driven hard. Lexus makes spongy, buick-like vehicles that serve the sole purpose of getting from point A to point B without any mechanical failures. Also, there is no possible way that Land Rover deserves to rank above Jeep, Ford or Infiniti. I loved my Range Rovers, but I will concede to the fact that they are not engineered well. They are seductive garbage. Something is amiss with some of the rankings within this survey.