Dodge Durango SRT Pickup Render Makes Us Thirsty For A New Dakota

It’s been over six and a half years since Chrysler last competed in the compact/mid-size pickup market. That’s how long ago it discontinued the Dodge Dakota, and speculation has been circulating ever since over what it might eventually do to replace it.

This rendering has us wondering if it might not take a different approach.

What you’re looking at is a deeply speculative render from X-Tomi of what the new Dodge Durango SRT could look like with a pickup bed at the back. Fantastical, right? Well, maybe, especially in SRT spec, which might be putting the proverbial cart before of the horse. So let’s turn things around a second here.

Though it’s now larger and based on a crossover-like unibody construction, the Durango was originally based on the Dakota pickup. So what if FCA turned the Durango back into a Dakota?

It wouldn’t be entirely out of the question as crossover-like unibody sport-utility trucks are becoming a thing. Just look at what Honda has done with the Ridgeline, or what Hyundai is preparing to do with the Santa Cruz concept. They’re essentially crossovers with open beds instead of enclosed wagons.

If Fiat-Chrysler were to undertake such a move to challenge the likes of the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon and the anticipated revival of the Ford Ranger, it might eventually do an SRT version with similar specs to the hot new Durango. But that’s a few steps down the line. For now, we’ll just put this idea out there and see what comes up.

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  • Big Black Duck

    i think it looks very good…better than their current Ram designs

    • Bryan Wedekind

      It’s just the Durango SRT cut overtop a single cab ram.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    With renderings like these, I can see why utes and America never really hit it off.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Not like this.

  • Dennis Scipio

    If that the Door was rendered to the window it would look at bit better.

  • Benjamin B.

    Durango is huge. It is closer to the size of the Ram 1500 than the old Dakota.

  • Ram Rod

    Now that’s a worthy replacement for the dakota. With the split between the bed and cab says it has a frame. Also gives a platform for v6,hemi,and eco diesels.
    Way better than that Toro

  • RoadRash

    If it only would have a useful and practical bed length of 6′, I’d be a buyer. I don’t want a massive full size truck, I need one that’ll fit in the garage. Love the concept.