Is This A Lamborghini Urus Prototype Testing In Denmark?

An intriguing prototype SUV was recently spied testing in Denmark and all indications point towards it being the new Lamborghini Urus.

In the image above, captured by local website Pro-Street, we can see that the prototype in question appears to be adorned in the vehicle’s production body and bares a strong resemblance to the original concept of 2012.

Most significantly, the shape of the taillights appear identical to the concept as does the C-pillar, raking rear window and small rear spoiler. Additionally, the side windows are characteristic of the Urus concept but do seem slightly larger and the wheel arches are mirror images of the concept.

Perhaps the biggest point of difference between this prototype and the concept is that the rear bumper has been overhauled. It is now much more prominent than on the concept and stretches much lower down the rear fascia of the SUV. Additionally, this prototype sports just two round tailpipes rather than the concept’s four.

Just a couple of days ago, it was confirmed that pre-production of the Urus would commence in April. That same month, the Urus may be unveiled to the world at the Shanghai Auto Show.