New DS 7 Crossback SUV Launched Ahead Of Geneva Premiere

DS Automobiles is looking to take a major step towards luxury, comfort and autonomous driving with the brand new DS 7 Crossback.

In terms of styling, the automaker wanted to make the DS 7 Crossback instantly recognizable, both from the front as well as from the rear, regardless of time of day. In order to achieve this, an emphasis was placed on the light signature, as the LED modules of the DS Active LED Vision headlights resemble faceted jewels, emitting a purple light when the car is unlocked, before pivoting 180°.

The light signature is further emphasized by the vertical beads of the DRLs, working together with the scrolling indicators, whereas for the rear, each light is a full LED made from illuminated scales.

“At all stages of the design process, the guiding aim for DS 7 Crossback was to express refinement excellence and the best know-how implemented to the highest standards. The result is there to see, with an ideally proportioned car brimming with personality. It’s a perfect alchemy of strength and style,” said Thierry Metroz, director of style for DS Automobiles.

The interior boasts two 12″ screens positioned right at the heart of the cabin. While the first screen handles the navigation system as well as the multimedia interface, MirrorScreen and DS Connect functions, the second screen can be personalized and is otherwise dedicated to the digital instrument cluster.

Further personalization options are available when deciding on the interior ambiances (aka the Inspiration), which have different names such as Bastille, Rivoli, Opera and Performance Line. The french automaker says that the highest standards of craftsmanship were used inside, as items such as the steering wheel and even the roof grab handles can be fully upholstered in leather – just like the center console, which is rarely seen for this category of car. Furthermore, even the control switch on the central screen can be specified in crystal.

“Each material and each detail of DS 7 Crossback was inspired by the world of Haute Couture whose rigor and sensuality is visible in the very smallest detail,” added Metroz.

As if the details of the cabin didn’t already sound extremely fashionable, you should also know that the watch strap design of the Nappa leather seats is enhanced by ‘pearl’ stitching on the dashboard, whereas the toggle-switches on the chrome-finished central console come with a ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloche finish – a technique that dates back to the 16th century. Also, at the center of the dashboard is the B.R.M R180 animated timepiece, which leaves its setting and pivots 180 degrees when the DS 7 is started.

In terms of engines, stealing the show is the E-TENSE, DS’s own hybrid powertrain, comprised of a 200 HP petrol engine, two electric motors (109 HP each), a new 8-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13kW/h and an out put of 90kW, and finally a powered rear axle driven by a second electric motor, providing extra performance and a 4WD application.

In total, DS 7 Crossback buyers will get to enjoy 300 HP, three driving modes (100% electric, hybrid, combined) and an all-electric range of 37 miles (59.5 km), with charging taking either 4 and a half hours, or 2 and a half, with a 6.6kW charger and a 32A socket nearby.

Aside from the E-TENSE hybrid model, the DS 7 Crossback will also be available with a choice of five Euro 6.2 compliant internal combustion engines, three petrol (THP 225, THP 180, PureTech 130) and two diesels (BlueHDi 130, BlueHDi 180). The previously-mentioned 8-speed automatic (EAT8) is said to deliver fuel savings by keeping engine speeds as low as possible, which translates to a 4% increase in efficiency compared to the preceding 6-speed automatic gearbox.

On the road, DS 7 Crossback owners can choose whether they’d like to drive or be driven, which is where the DS Connected Pilot comes in, allowing you to delegate driving and take back control at any time. Aside from predictable features such as Stop & Go Active Cruise Control, the on-board camera of the DS Connected Pilot can recognize broken and unbroken road markings, continuously analyzing the image of the road ahead in order to understand the surroundings. The system can move the wheel slightly whenever it detects a deviation from the road markings – possible between 18 mph (29 km/h) and 112 mph (180 km/h).

Once you’ve reached your destination, the DS Park Pilot is there to help the car park alone, without the use of the steering wheel or pedals.

Other active safety features include DS Night Vision (optimizing visibility at night thanks to an infrared camera in the front grille), DS Driver Attention Monitoring (looking for signs of tiredness and distraction) and DS Active LED Vision (beam adapts in width and range to the road conditions and vehicle speed).

With the Active LED Vision, it really seems like DS Automobiles went above and beyond trying to separate this car from the rest of the pack. This system comes not just with one, but six different lighting modes. Aside from Parking, you’ve got Town Beam (width of beam is increased to better survey the sides of the road), Country Beam (directing the field of vision frontwards), Motorway Beam (working at speeds over 70 mph, the intensity of the LED modules is increased), Adverse Weather (beam is widened when the windscreen wipers are activated), and High Beam (power and range set to maximum).

Upon launch, the first edition of the new DS SUV is called the ‘DS Crossback La Première’, which will be a limited edition model – available with two of the most powerful engines in the range, the BlueHDi 180 and the THP 225, mated to the new-generation 8-speed automatic.

In terms of styling, the “La Première’” can be ordered in Cumulus Gray, Pearl White or Perla Nera Black, with contrasting Nappa leather upholstery in a shade called Art Rubis. This limited edition model is only available to order between March 7th and December 31st, 2017.

The DS 7 Crossback measures 4.57 m (14.9 ft) in length, 1.62 m (5.3 ft) in height and 1.89 m (6.2 ft) in width and will be built at the automaker’s Mulhouse plant facility in France and at the Shenzhen plant in China.



  • Erzhik

    OMG. Import this into US, I will be the first in line.

    • Well, with Peugeot’s plan of entering the US market in 2019, I imagine you’d guys would get the face-lifted version.

      • Vince

        DS7 Crossback complies with China regulation, which are very very very close of of US regulations ( for crash and emissions), issue is more for DS having a wide selling network in the US ( which might come with an agreement with GM when Opel will be bought by PSA )

        • I’m not sure how Peugeot detailed their dealership expansion in their plan but there is something they are working on. I doubt they’ll obtain anything over the Opel purchase since they don’t have dealerships in the US – their dealerships work by (usually a family) owning several lots and becoming a franchise for the companies. Ultimately, it’s down to them what franchises they establish so you can’t guarantee that, say, if Opel did have a dealership that the PSA Group would be able to take its place.

          *Edit* Whilst I’m thinking of it, that ‘family’ who runs the franchised dealerships will own them all in a specific neighbourhood i.e. it’s against most state laws for another ‘family’ to come along and build a franchised dealership next door to them. Hence why Tesla is having issues with its direct selling because it doesn’t require a franchise first. Therefore, I imagine they’ll most likely start out in California and New York first where it’s more affluent (aka big spenders) and more likely to find / partner with other ‘families’ to create the dealership. If not, they’ll probably invest in shopping malls like they have done with the DS brand in Westfields, London.

          • Vince

            thanks for the explanations Scott, in France it’s very different, there is franchised dealerships and dealerships actually owned directly by the PSA group

            but yeah, i’m sure that in more environnementally aware areas such as california and nyc zone, their smaller models ( compared to the average size of vehicle sold there ) might actually work.

            i mean, even fiat sells some 500 and mini some cooper S ( which had engine shared with peugeot ) so … why not 🙂

            I’d be also interested to have feedback about how could new Peugeot 3008 be perceived in the US as it offers something very interesting in term interior styling ( and not bad exterior as well 😀 )

          • I’d consider reading Jalopnik as sometimes they do specific road tests of European cars, and in particular, French cars since they don’t get any. They did a road test of the Cactus when it originally debuted and they absolutely loved it and so did the majority of the American commentators. Every now and then when a French maker releases a concept, it’s like unobtainable magic for them.

          • Vince

            i check jalopnik sometimes, but if feels like really poor about those kind of topics, for example in my opinion, 3008 has the best interior released this year, it’s like a concept car came to reality, and there wasn’t even an article on it.

            despite of that all uk reviewers find the car nice … (and uk reviewers have a huge history of not being objective with Peugeot 😀 )

          • The only other time I see them is if they appear on the Crack Pipe or Nice Price articles. Additionally, you couldn’t be more correct on your last point. It’s why I don’t consider Auto Express as a reliable or even remotely fair motoring journalism when it comes to their reviews. Especially their group reviews *shudders*.

          • Sébastien

            well 3008 has nice looking interior, but the seats arent so great (tried the leather ones)

    • Lol you would not. Well maybe you as a person, but not you as americans.

  • TheHake


  • Kaisuke971

    I was just going to complain about how ugly and uninspiring it is for a DS, then i saw the interior. I’m shocked, it’s absolutely wonderful. It looks quality, but also really futuristic, and it just seems like something out of the fashion week.

    Wow !

    • PlonPlon

      Yes, I had exactly the same feeling. Didn’t like the front of the car, but when I saw the interior, wow!!! It is soooo futuristic!!! I really hope that the built quality lives up to expectations! I’m really curious too about the powertrain and engine!! The interior is fantastic and can’t wait to see more pictures and road tests. Bravo Citroën !

      • Vince

        it’s not citroen anymore, it DS 😉

        • PlonPlon

          Oui, oui, silly me! Thanks 🙂

    • The fact the clock changes depending on the trim chosen just so that it can match is very classy.

      • The BRM watch is going to be a very expensive option… be sure of it.

      • Sébastien

        really? I’d stick my cellphone magnet holder onto it 🙂

        • Just like with the purple LEDs, the clock flips out 180 degrees to present itself. So when you’re not using it, it probably would make a really good phone holder.

  • uS’gedlemba

    Nevermind the exterior and interior…that press release is in itsel will sell the car…a truly impressive piece of automotive engineering…I wasn’t impressed with the initial shots and but it looks great in that grey colour…the interior is sublime..but the technology in there is out of this world! Which tells me that PSA can actually make the 308R Hybrid.

    • Vince

      PSA can make the 308 RHybrid, the issue is, would people buy a 70k€ peugeot … and for that, the answer is motly … nope

      • uS’gedlemba

        and for that I understand, it should be in limited numbers, not everyone is sheeple.

        • Vince

          so limited number would mean at least 90K€ and still no potential customer

  • Dennis Scipio

    That Interior is…unique and different.

  • fabri99

    Love the interior, too bad the made it look like an Audi Q3.

    • well… they want to sell it to those bying Audis so…

  • Christian

    So it has two electric engines with 109 Bhp each, plus the 1,6 200 Bhp Turbo Petrol – in total 300 Bhp? Not 400 and something?

    • salamOOn

      no, it dont work that way…..

  • Rasta_Farian

    The interior is striking.

  • rover10

    An interesting design, as there is a bit of everything in it. A bit Lexus around the grille, a little Lincoln around the rear, and more than a passing salute to Audi from the side. The interior smacks of luxury and comfort, but overall, the exterior may be too forced and hungry to embrace all that is in vogue? May be a simpler approach would add more distinction?

    • uS’gedlemba

      I’m not too impressed with the exterior either but can’t win all the time, I think they shoud’ve made it in the mould of the Wild Rubis as the sketches resemble it.

  • haudit

    The interior is slightly let down by the standard-issue PSA door handles.

  • Tinky-Winky

    It’s like Audi Q5 has been pimped by some luxury jewelry company. Gorgeous.

  • VEry ugly,only the inside looks nice !

  • I’m just sad the Gear shift is just straight out of a Peugeot 3008/5008. I guess it will be in all PSA auto gearboxes.
    One great thing, first Citroën / DS without the stupid huge red warning button in the misddle of the dash.

    • uS’gedlemba

      why are you sad? the 3008/5008 have a game changing interior.

      • Because if you drive a 3008 like I did you’ll see it looks good but is not VW level of finish and build. So if DS wants to go against Audi, they can’t do like them and share obviously elements with a cheaper brand of the group and have visible unchanged elements. They need to stop sharing aesthetics parts to steer clients or Germans brands to them. I hope the DS7 will feel how it looks. The 3008 when I sat in it had a waow factor, then you touch things and desappointement comes. Some botons are a bit toy plastic.

  • SteersUright

    Looks pretty damn nice, especially the interior. But, what the hell are DS Automobiles? Is it a Renault company? A Chinese company? Too lazy to google any further but curious.

    • Vince

      part of PSA group, which was second car maker after vw in europe for the last 15 years. ( and has been overtaken by renault group for 1000 vehicles sold this year only )

    • Haha but not too lazy to write this. DS used to be the luxury lineup of Citroën. Like Genesis now, it’s becoming a brand.

  • Newyorker_1

    You cannot become serious premium brand if your strongest petrol is 1.6 liter. You just can’t even if you make a spaceship design . Premium without performance is nothing, just a word on paper.

    • Well it will be interesting to see. Genesis makes V8… But Volvo seems to thinks that small engines won’t stop them from being a premium brand. So far it looks like they’re right.

      • Newyorker_1

        The difference is that 1.6 is entry level engine in most premium manufacturers (Audi does have 1.4 as entry). Even Mercedes has 1.6 for C class. But that is entry level, the least expensive models. With DS 1.6 is top, there is nothing above it in petrol dept. They can pump it up as much as they want but it’s still 1.6. But as you say it will be intersting to see, I personally think it will not work.

        • I agree, and follow your point, people buying an A class with a 1.5 Renault DCI in it dream of AMG but buy smart with what they can afford. PSA explored a lot of alternative power trains but is very late in putting one in a car. They stopped the diesel hybrid. Maybe is they buy Opel and License the GM electric power train as suggested by GM CEO they’ll have a chance. But one thing is sure they need to move fast. And according to new taxes and experts, engines might need to go up again to 2L or more like just to be able to make power and comply with regulations. For Europe, having only 1.6 engines might not be a problem, but to be premium outside sure. And DS is attacking the premium market, unlike Audi, Genesis, Lexus, Infinity… By the bottom. Premium brands made small cars after long years of established and establishing themselves as premium. DS3 and DS5 are not big cars.

          • Newyorker_1

            Agree, I also think their timing was wrong, they started premium when they had least money to afford such brand. The result is they spent 10 years repackaging various Citroens and today no one takes them seriously. They keep repeating that it takes at least 20 years to establish but in my opinion DS wasted all this time and is making loss after all these years due to lack of investment. I also thought about engines from Opel but their 2.0 at least the one they put in Insignia is not refined with high hp, it just consumes too much. But it’s 2.0 at least.

          • They have good chassis, and new Citroen’s coming out are based on the excellent Peugeot platforms. I really don’t see what PSA will get from Opel if GM do not give them the licenses of engines. Being part of GM Opel can have bigger engines. To be honest, I think Saab should have been bought by a company like PSA, would have offerd them a more premium brand, access to Saab powertrains, the phoenix platform (belonging to Saab not GM), a global network and mostly a foot in the premium market. Saab could had lived with 9-5 NG, 9-4x (and unborn 9-3 NG). PSA could use Saab exclusive expertise in bigger cars, while Saab could finally have the 9-1 (based on 208 or DS3) that was supposed to save it (with the 9-4x SUV). You can be sure that is the Opel acquisition dies it will be because GM like for Saab refuses to let powertrains and pattents go with it. This time they might do the deal because if they sell Opel, they’ll leave Europe (Chevy is here just for Camaro and Corvette) but keep making money by licensing.

          • Vince

            just an addition, this 1.6 l that was design by bmw originally is absolutely amazing, i had it in several versions on 3 differents cars ( and currently in 270hp version ) and it’s a real blast, lot’s of torque, lots of rpm for an engine with turbo, very low fuel consumption ( i’m around 7l/100km using it daily to commute in Paris traffic jams )
            i thought the 200hp version on 208 GTi was already amazing because when you don’t push it, it’s smooth as silk and yet very responsive when you have a heavy foot but that 270 hp is even better …

            300hp version is coming very soon for passing regulation euro 6.2 and will normally see torque be improved as well … can’t wait to chang my 308 GTi for a newer one

  • Sébastien

    like that interior very much!

    about headlights, it’s nice to see Citroen innovative DNA back in DS… but will this allow smart lightening àla Matrix LED? (Staying highbeam all the time) I’m afraid not

    • Vince

      each modules can be shut down separatly by the electronics + they will rotate depending on what is on the road to light it up as best as possible.

      • Sébastien

        yes of course, but I’ll wait to see how it compares to say Mercedes E Class Multibeam headlights

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