New Hyundai Ioniq Tastes Mediocre In First European Review

Out of all the available Ioniq versions, it seems Hyundai is expecting more from the Hybrid than the PHEV or full-electric model.

To start things off, according to CarBuyer‘s James Batchelor, practicality isn’t an issue with the Ioniq, as you get plenty of room inside, even as a passenger out back.

In terms of quality, the Ioniq feels well-made says Batchelor, with scratchy plastics mostly present out of sight. Not only that, but you get plenty of kit too, even in entry-level form – which is great for a car that costs upwards of £19,995.

As for the negatives, it seems there are quite a few things that would bother someone who enjoys…driving. Batchelor says the Ioniq falls short of offering as much driver involvement as the Prius, with poor steering feel as well. On top of that, he found the automatic transmission to be quite sluggish and the EV-mode lacking in high-speed capability.

In the end, it would seem that Hyundai have a sort of mixed package with the Ioniq, which is ironic since this car was designed to offer diversity with three different versions to choose from.

Perhaps the plug-in hybrid or the full-electric model will fare better than the hybrid in future reviews.