Powersliding Ferrari F12TdF Leads The Way To An Aventador SV

It’s one of those scenarios that most of us would only dream of but some lucky dudes not only manage to live them but also have a professional photographer to capture the moment.

This short video comes from none other than George Williams, a UK-based automotive photographer who is known for his quality automotive work throughout the globe.

The footage shows a Ferrari F12TdF being driven up a snowy mountain in a rather enthusiastic way, with the car being sideways almost everywhere.

The real treat though is that Williams is using a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV as a chase car, making the whole ‘Chasing-A-Drifting-F12TdF’ thing even more surreal than it originally is.

So crank up the volume and let the angry V12 melodies fill your ears as you watch one of the finest Ferraris being driven as it was supposed to from the get-go.


  • proper way to drive the ferrari.