This Is The Eighth Time That A Car Has Crashed In This Repair Shop’s Parking

This shocking footage shows a car launching itself off an exit ramp just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – and ironically, landing straight in the parking lot of an auto repair shop.

What’s even more ironic (scary too) is that this wasn’t the first accident of its kind to take place at that exact location. In fact, according to CBS Pittsburgh, the repair shop owner said it’s the eighth time this has happened in roughly nine years.

“We’ve had cars flip over, catch on fire. Hit the building, time and time again,” said business owner Donald Snyder. “You know, coming down 376 and when you’re in the right hand lane to exit – that’s a long run. I think people, they are not prepared to make that sharp turn. Also, I think people become distracted. This fellow, he didn’t even hit his brakes, he just kept going straight without turning.”

Thankfully, this driver wasn’t hurt (nor was he cited by the police), despite the rough landing – so unless any airbags were deployed, his seatbelt must have done all the hard work.

Snyder also says that he has indeed spoken to PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transport) about this incident, which took place on Monday, but also about other possible crashes in the future.

“You know, PennDOT in the past has put those yellow signs up with arrows to direct the traffic and the accidents that occurred knocked them all down,” added the repair shop owner.

Maybe speed bumps positioned just ahead of that exit ramp could help solve this problem.