Truck Driver Crashes 1965 Ford Mustang While Loading It On Board

Driving a car onto a truck. How hard can it be? Well, apparently, a lot harder than it looks.

Incidents of prized automobiles being damaged while loaded and unloaded from trucks aren’t a new phenomenon but watching this 1965 Mustang crash into a trailer is particularly painful.

The driver of the Mustang seems rather relaxed when driving the prized muscle car up the ramps and has it lined up perfectly. Perhaps being quite experienced, he proceeds to drive into the truck quite quickly before the rear wheels suddenly lose traction.

This sends the Mustang sliding to the right where it crashes into the side of the truck while its rear-end balances precariously in the middle of the ramps.

It’s impossible to say how much damage has been caused to the rear quarter panel, undertray and wheel but we can’t imagine the Mustang’s owner being very pleased!


  • Craig

    This is WHY you’re supposed to crawl up ramps like this.

  • Matt

    Things you can’t do in a Mustang:

    1. Leave car events gracefully
    2. Drive up ramps

    • Benjamin B.

      Not this Stang that got the bad rep. I blame the 90s Stangs and the people who drive those.

  • Benjamin B.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we just saw a man lose his job.

  • Mill0048

    Probably wouldn’t hurt to have some grip tape on the ramps for a little extra traction, no? Like the kind they cover the top of skateboards with.

    • Dennis James

      If it had more grip, he would probably have crashed the front of the car, given the rear wheel speed at which he drove up the ramp.

  • Guest

    This is the way how truck drivers buying a mustang

  • diehard

    LOL… Onlooker yells Whoa after it’s over.

  • psiqtas

    Gosh…feel bad for that truck driver – it’s wasn’t so much his fault!

    • Jimbo

      It was literally entirely his fault. And I mean literally nobody/nothing else’s fault. Unless you’re him, of course!!

  • U8INIT

    Why would he try to drift/powerslide….

  • Rick Alexander

    He gave it way too much gas. Not to mention, seeing as how this ain`t his car, he should have creeped up the ramp. I sure wouldn`t want to be the guy to have to explain how his prized Stang got damaged. “See… what had happened was… the flux capacitor…“

  • OUCH.

  • Lyonel Baratheon


  • sidewaysspin

    Transportation of new cars by these crude methods is a mess, be it truck, train or boat, they often come with small dents and cracked glass.

  • Bo Hanan

    Ramps were too far apart. The onlooker was the owner I bet.

  • smartacus

    oh Jeezus that hurt =O

  • smartacus

    reminds me of the time i saw some PuertoRicans unload the Ferrari FXX #9 off a flatbed at the Ferrari Dealer.
    They didn’t place the planks properly and proceeded to scrape the whole underside of the nose.

    Then they pretended like it never happened!!!!

  • Duke Woolworth

    New car, unfamiliar clutch. This is sure not a first.

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