2017 Honda CR-V Defends Sales Crown In Latest Review

After narrowly edging out the Toyota RAV-4 last year in order to become the best-selling compact SUV in the US, the Honda CR-V appears to have it all figured out.

It seems that the 2017 CR-V is so popular, you’ll even find automotive journalists owning one, such as Kelley Blue Book managing editor Micah Muzio, the man behind this review.

Unlike some, perhaps flashier, SUVs, the CR-V is all about value for money and practicality, whereas on the road, Muzio found it to be “smooth and predictable” from pretty much all points of view.

One negative would be the large D-pillar which reduces visibility towards the rear, but you can easily compensate using your mirrors as well as the backup camera – which is a “must-have” on just about any modern-day SUV.

Performance-wise, the entry-level 2.4-liter 4-cylinder unit is good for 184 HP and 180 lb-ft (244 Nm) of torque, however buyers can also opt for a turbocharged 1.5-liter petrol engine, delivering 190 HP and 179 lb-ft (242 Nm).

In conclusion, while there are plenty of strong models within the non-premium compact SUV segment, Muzio feels like the CR-V boasts a certain “universal excellence”, which sounds like a pretty big ace to have up your sleeve.


  • The Watcher

    I have EX-L. Active Noise Cancellation is so good, I don’t even feel like I drive on freeway. Though, had to disable it to install better sound system. 180W stock vs 1200w aftermarket. Now steering is sharper than my 15 WRX, but it’s still a pig crossover and stock tires are not very capable. Reducing body roll and adding wider wheels and tires (8.5 inch and 255mm) you will have a Enthusiast daddy crossover. 1.5L is underrated BTW.

    • danno

      Check your oil level regularly. The 1.5 has been known to have fuel enter the oil. Seems like fuel is making it’s way past the piston rings. Condition is diagnosed by increasing oil level. No remedy at this time.

      • Harry_Wild

        I hope Honda knows about this problem! Fuel getting into the oil is not good! Maybe you call Honda customer service and tell them they have a problem with the 1.5T!

        • danno

          I am sure Honda CS is well aware of the issue. Not interested in carrying water for Honda.
          Honda QC has taken a nose dive – just research missing piston wrist pins and 2015 CR-V idle vibration for some recent problems.

  • Harry_Wild

    I breaking down every time I see the new CR-V reviews! I was going by a 2017 X3 but the local dealership is not moving on their MSRP! I feel like f*ck them! Kind mad since the 2018 model will be release in September but they are told to say 2019! I may buy the CR-V if Honda fixes the rumor gasoline leak into the oil!

  • ck

    Another class leading attribute of this latest CRV is that the emergency braking safety suite and autonomous cruise control are standard on all but the very base model which no other vehicle in it’s class can claim.

    • getoffme

      So false. Toyota has semi-autonomous safety features standard on all Rav4 trims.

  • The Zipster

    I have had my ’17 AWD CRV EX-L for only about a week but would no change a thing about the car. Color is a beautiful Deep Olive with a gold looking metallic that really sets it off. I drove everything else in the compact SUV line and the CRV was the best choice for me. Sticker Price was $31K and change but I got it or $28K and $5K with a 36 month $291 lease. If I am still driving in three years (now 74) I will likely buy the lease out and drive it till the wheels fall off. My BIL paid $38K for a top of the line RAV 4 about 3 months ago. I let him drive the CRV and he was really sick and sorry he did not look at the CRVs. The RAV4s are OK but the CRV is really the best bang for the buck in the compact SUV market.