2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Sheds More Camo And Shows Off Its Fancy Cabin

The next Mercedes GLE was spotted wearing less camouflage by our spies, following the example of the new Mercedes CLS we showed you yesterday.

While the current GLE is basically a redesigned version of the ML-Class with a different name, the next generation will be all new as it’s going to be based on the same modular architecture with the E-Class.

That means that customers will not only get all the latest technology and powertrain features the German automaker has to offer, but they will also get a lighter car.

Compared to our previous scoops, the test car appears to have freed itself from all the ugly body cladding, leaving just the traditional swirling wrap on it body which enables us to witness its final shape and design features in a more clear way.

Additionally our spies were also able to take a picture of the interior as well. While the dashboard was still partially covered, it’s still easy to see that the new generation of the GLE will also get the dual-screen setup of its related models along with four air-vents sitting on the center of the dashboard.

The center console, on the other hand, is getting a pair of handles around the infotainment control pad. According to our sources, Mercedes wants the new GLE to focus a bit more on its off-road qualities than the current model, so expect to see a bigger ground clearance, improved differential locking and low-range function of the gearbox.

Powertrains will include the new six-cylinder petrol units announced from Mercedes, along with GLE 43 and GL3 63 AMG versions, the latter being powered by the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 that seems to equip everything in AMG’s range these days.

A hybrid powertrain will also make its appearance while Mercedes will introduce a GLE Coupe model after the official reveal of the normal GLE, which is expected in 2018.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops