Audi To Attend Meeting Discussing Next-Gen F1 Engines

Audi may have exited the World Endurance Championship late last year but allegedly, the VW Group carmaker is already planning its future in motorsport.

German website Spox says that the FIA will hold a meeting in Paris to discuss the future of engine regulations in Formula 1 and Audi will be in attendance.

Few details about the meeting are known at this stage but FIA president Jean Todt has ruled out any possibility of the cars returning to loud V10s but does admit he is open to change beyond 2021.

“I realize this is a sensitive subject. F1 is the flagship of the motorsport industry, and it must be in line with the technological developments of the industry. On the other hand, it must be a balance to keep it sustainable. The machines today are too sophisticated,” he told La Repubblica.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that a greater emphasis needs to be placed on the sound for the next-generation of Formula 1 engines, says Autoweek.

“If we look into a future generation of engines, I think in the past there wasn’t enough emphasis on the sound. So if we can combine great, affordable technology with a lot of horsepower and a good sound, that would really tick a box,” he said.