McLaren Says It Will Make An LT Version Of The 720S

McLaren Automotive chief executive Mike Flewitt has confirmed that an LT version of the brand new 720S will be created.

The carmaker famously resurrected the Longtail or LT name for the 675LT in 2015 and positioned the car as a faster, lighter and more hardcore variant of the 650S. McLaren thinks the popularity of the LT model can be replicated for the second-generation Super Series.

“The 675LT was a huge success. I was delighted from a market perspective, but also internally because we love that car. We have a huge enthusiasm for it. We’ll certainly repeat Long Tail, and now that the LT brand is established, if we announce an LT derivative of a car, then everyone will know what to expect: that it will be lighter, the chassis dynamics will be way sharper, and it will have more power. We’ll definitely repeat that in models going forward,” he told Car&Driver.

Although Flewitt failed to give a timeline on when we can expect to see the car, McLaren has made a name for itself for launching new models and variants significantly faster than its rivals. Heck, the 650S only lasted three years.

Whenever the LT variant of the 720S does launch, it will directly rival the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and the inevitable track-focused derivative of the Ferrari 488 GTB.