Semi Slides Through Three Lanes Of Traffic Under Braking

Either the Terminator was behind the wheel of this truck, or we’re dealing with an incredibly irresponsible driver.

We’ll concede, it’s probably the latter. This means that, whichever way we look at it, there’s no justifying that type of behavior in traffic, especially when operating heavy equipment.

The action took place in Sydney, Australia, and the video was captured by another truck driver, who mentioned that he uploaded the dashcam footage to his mobile device as soon as he pulled over.

“I was driving my heavy vehicle at the time, with my Dash Cam recording another truck driver, driving like a maniac,” stated the owner of the dashcam.

On top of the truck driver being irresponsible with his own vehicle, he also had to rely on other motorists being attentive and staying out of his path (like the guy in the Toyota pickup) as he was trying to maneuver into the first lane under braking.

Hopefully this footage reaches somebody who can take measures against this happening again.