Opel Delays New Corsa As PSA Shifts New Generation Onto Its Own Platform

The next Opel Corsa will be delayed as new owner PSA is shifting the German brand’s future models onto its own platforms.

The general plan is to redevelop Opel’s lineup with technology and vehicle architectures from PSA, with the first PSA-based Opel models to hit the market around 2020, as reported by AutoNews.

This move also means that the next Opel Corsa will be delayed by a year to 2020, as officials are sending the car back to the drawing board. Five more PSA-based Opel models will follow by 2023.

As for the existing Opel models that already use GM’s technology, the non-compete agreement between PSA and GM states that these will be prohibited from being launched in new overseas markets. The same applies for GM as well, meaning that they will not be allowed to market the same underlying technologies in Europe.

Karl-Thomas Neumann will retain his position as CEO of Opel, with PSA wanting him to stay in charge. “It is our intention to make sure Mr. Neumann continues the excellent work he has been doing. We trust that he will be in the best position to lead the turnaround and a profitable future for Opel,” Tavares, PSA boss said.

Tavares also added that Opel would have already managed a turnaround, had it not been for problems arising from the UK’s decision to leave the EU, an opinion shared by GM CEO Mary Barra as well.


  • Miknik

    So a basically finished car dumped into the bin….

    • Matt

      I don’t think the whole car will be ‘scrapped’. Perhaps it’ll receive all-new PSA electronic architecture and engines, but the basic car will still be the same.

      Isn’t the new Corsa riding on a platform shared with PSA anyway?

      • Miknik

        This model was said to be based of the CHevroelt Sonic platform, no PSA involved. Only the CUVs (Crossland X, upcoming Grnadland X) are already developed on PSA platforms, I doubt that the Corsa F will be a GM/PSA bastard, but rather a reskinned Citroen C3.

        • haudit

          A reskinned Citroen C3? I hope not. The PF1 platform that underpins the 208 and C3 is long past its best. I hope they’re sensible enough to use their next generation EMP1 platform that should debut under the new DS3 next year.

          • Miknik

            Is the Crossland X still based on those rather old underpinnings? I had the impression that it and the new C3 were the first “new” small PSA cars. Well, I’d guess the Crossland X will donate most for the Corsa now anyway….

          • haudit

            Yes, the Crossland X and new Citroen C3 are both based on the almost antiquated PF1 platform that’s been doing the rounds in one form or another since the early 2000s.

    • Ilbirs

      Two possibilities to make this project going on: reskin this as a new small Buick for China (remember that what is now called Chevrolet Sail used to have a badge with three shields) or as a world car to unify the offers that Chevrolet has in this segment around the globe.

  • O123

    That’s a late delay, car looks ready to go.

  • dufonrafal .

    The car was planned for 2019, so it was far from done.

    Plus they will just adapt what they’ve already done on the new platform.

    • jfalckt

      Really good render- It works well! The 208 looks more feminine and the ‘corsa’ more mature; It’s interesting to see how this deal could work by building 2 very different superminis on the same platform.

      • Thanks bro!

        • jfalckt

          was that a stock 208 pic? It looks really good- maybe a facelift version

      • 208, C3 and next DS3 …and Corsa. That will make 4 different cars on the same platform.

  • The only sad thing is that Opel(GM) last gen of infotainement system is sooooooooo much better than PSA has come up with. From my experience 208, C4 Picasso, C4 cactus. At least GM managed to make touch screens that work.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Still getting adjusted to the new normal.

  • Pauric Mcginley

    Always drove opels and now that psa Owen them that’s the German quality gone down the drain as with most French cars quality is not there strong point.. one of my family member had a psa car a 308 and nothing was good about it electrics are a nightmare and and even the floor carpet comes away at the drivers side and you can pull the radio and dash apart with no forse .. I have had 2 opel signims and 3 insignias and once you buy a psa car you have it keep buying them as no garage will offer a good trade in .. sure the DS cars are nice but at the end of the day it’s a Citroen. So PSA so stick to cooking frogs and eating cheese…

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