Photon Red I-PACE Concept Looks Stunning At Jaguar’s Geneva Stand

Thanks to this new color, Jaguar’s I-PACE Concept could very easily be one of the most attractive cars in Geneva this year, making it genuinely difficult for visitors to look away.

The color is extremely powerful, even more so when hit by natural light, which is what we’re seeing in this short video courtesy of SellerieCimes.

Even the people working on unloading the car can’t help themselves but draw out their phones and take pictures or capture footage of a car that will morph into a production model in less than two years time.

While it’s unclear if the production version will boast the same performance specs as the concept, assuming that it will means looking forward to a combined 400 horses and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. The I-PACE is also said to be good for an all-electric driving range of 500 km (310 miles), as well as hitting 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 4 seconds.

For Jaguar, the I-PACE Concept is a direct preview of their first-ever electric model, which in turn will be positioned as a rival for the popular Tesla Model X come 2018.

Post has been updated with live images from Geneva

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  • Nice video ,

  • BlackPegasus

    Stunning design, but if Jaguar’s previous entries are of any indication, the I-Pace will come to market with 16 inch ugly cheap wheels and a less than stellar final appearance package. Look to the base XE and F-Pace for examples.

    • Don’t’ Change a Thing

      I hope not. As shown, my wife and I will happily purchase it. This is best looking EV to date. Period!!!

    • Benjamin B.

      I doubt it’ll have 16″ wheels. Does anyone still make wheels that small? It’ll probably have 19″ or maybe 18″ wheels.

  • rover10

    Let’s hope that none of the beautiful details and proportions, changes on the production version. This car is utterly stunning!!!!!

  • KidRed

    They lost a lot of room in the rear by having the rear glass so far forward and at such a steep slope. The Model X might end up with more storage room. Other than that, this thing is a beauty.


    • Jay

      It looks like a sedan that wants to look like a crossover, which also wants to look like a compact car with big rims. Very comical indeed!

  • Dustin

    Sweeping by the front of this up close actually made my mind see hints of Volvo.

  • BlackRock

    Is it me or electric cars are being designed way better than petrol cars!
    The normal f-pace looks ugly compared to this!

  • Andrew Ngo

    This is really a Design-in-motion.

  • Superman

    I love the shape

  • MarketAndChurch

    The only EV I’m actually excited for, but Jaguar will find a way to let people down.