Seven Koenigseggs Rev And Roll Through The Streets Of Geneva

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, supercar enthusiasts weren’t stopped in their tracks solely by the incredible metal inside the city’s convention center but also what was happening outside.

A number of Koenigsegg owners organized a special road trip to the show and understandably, shut down much of Geneva in the process.

In total, there were seven examples of the Swedish manufacturers’ insane creations that took to the city’s streets. They include the one-off Agera XS, the Agera RS Naraya, a One:1, the Agera RS ML, two CCXs and a final Agera RS painted in matte grey with blue and yellow accents, making for a rather incredible sight.

If money was no object, which of these seven would you add to your garage?


  • Six_Tymes

    all about the cars. best video iv seen in awhile. would have been even cooler seeing them all on a track. The BOO !! plate on the ccx is too cool

  • i so this on the Stradman channel !

  • Blade t

    Must be great to just sit in parking lots revving your engine ….