Tesla To Skip Beta Development Phase And Start Building “Early-Release” Model 3s This Week

Tesla will skip the beta development phase entirely for the Model 3 and go straight to early-release cars within the week.

During a conference call with investment bankers, Elon Musk made the surprising announcement of the company skipping beta development cars, saying that the advanced analytic tools Tesla has developed are allowing them to do so, as reported from Gas2.

This means that the early release Model 3s will enter production as soon as this week and on the same assembly line that will be used for normal production.

Elon Musk claimed that because of their advanced analytic tools, the build quality of the Model 3 will be excellent from the very first cars and much better than it was when they launched production of the Model S and the Model X.

With that said, we all remember the problems Tesla faced with early examples of the Model S and more so with early Model Xs, which were riddled with quality issues, including uneven panel gaps and problems with the function of the rear gullwing doors.

It looks like Elon Musk has a very aggressive goal to achieve and the risk of skipping the beta development phase of the company’s most important commercially vehicle is simply too huge to ignore.

Will Tesla make it? Let’s wait and see.


  • Six Thousand Times

    Makes perfect sense. I mean, none of their other models have had any teething pains while in the hands of the buyers, right?

    • gnitto

      you missed this part

      “With that said, we all remember the problems Tesla faced with early examples of the Model S and more so with early Model Xs, which were riddled with quality issues, including uneven panel gaps and problems with the function of the rear gullwing doors.”

      • John Smith

        I sense you missed the sarcasm.

      • Androuffle

        Sarcasm ! lol

      • Six Thousand Times

        Or did you miss the sarcasm?

    • Dennis James

      Except some deaths caused by their “beta” autopilot. So they thought…”hey, if we killed people due to beta, let’s skip it altogether” :))

  • John Smith

    Oh, geez.

  • U8INIT

    Let him run his company as he see fits…long as the cars are safe

  • krusshall

    Just put up or shut up…July 2017.

  • Denzel

    They say you should never skip a step

    • Status

      Detroit routinely skipped steps from the 50’s on to the 00’s.

      • Matt

        Does that legitimize Tesla’s decision?

        • Status

          Of course not. Tesla hasn’t made as many fuck ups as the big 2.5. But then again, they still are relatively new to the game.

      • nastinupe

        and…. Detroit needed bailouts. So… yeah. Not a good business model to follow.

  • Unsafe at Any Speed

    Between the beta AutoPilot software that Tesla owners can use on public roads to the foregoing of important development steps, I seriously worry about Tesla’s future regarding vehicles.

  • GobbleUp

    I have a late cycle model s, 20k. Miles and never been to the shop for anything. Has some rattles but otherwise flawless.
    Not sure the model 3 can hit that rate from unit one.

    • McF1

      Your current reliability (although there are rattles) is due to the benefit of the beta development phase with the Model S, the resolution of issues that still came with the earlier produced Model S cars, and continuing manufacturing improvements.
      To skip this phase for the Model 3 which is planned to be their biggest seller is a huge risk, probably a sign of desperation in trying to minimised the delay of product to the market and to save on expensive development costs.

      • GobbleUp

        Oh I agree completely. I wouldnt skip it, but lets see what happens. Their stock has been bulletproof so far.

    • TheHake

      20k miles and it has rattles? For a €80k car? Unacceptable.

  • Javokhir_Sam

    Somehow I do still think this car is going to end up being really overhyped and plus it is not coming in the near future.

  • Enter Ranting

    It’s got Pamela Anderson’s lips. Should look sexy in red.

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