Toyota Confirms MR2 Successor To Sit Next To GT86 & Supra

Toyota is working on a spiritual successor of the MR2 roadster as part of the company’s plan to have a three-model strong range of sports cars, according to Gazoo Racing chief Tetsuya Tada.

This means that a lightweight spiritual successor to the MR2 will be positioned next to the GT86 and the upcoming Supra, with Tada-San saying to Evo that Toyota wants to have the trio in production together “As soon as possible”.

And staying true to the spirit of the last MR2 roadster, the new model will be as light and simple as possible.

With that said though, Toyota is thinking of using some of the hybrid tech found in its LMP1 racers in order to meet the future emissions standards and of course make the necessary connection to its motorsport programme.

This also means that a mid-engine layout is almost a certainty, as packaging a hybrid powertrain is easier. While the MR2 may not be a hybrid from the start, Tada-San says Toyota is “working very hard” to make the hybrid roadster a reality.


  • I would more like to see a new Honda s2000, but why not… Oups no, seeing the current design of both brands, they would be a mess.

    • SteersUright

      Would LOVE to see a new S2000. Honda had some patents drawing leak of an “NSX light” that circulated for a while. It looked amazing and Im seriously hoping its the next S2000. Have you seen those?

      • I did not. But I’m afraid Honda like Subaru and Toyota forgot (if they ever knew) what makes a great design. The S2000 that I can see every day thanks to a neighbor that takes care of it like his newborn, and the previous NSX have a simple timeless design. Like a Ferrari F355. The elements of the dash, lights, plastics… Give away the period. But you could take those designs today, make those cars like we do now and it would work. the new NSX, or a CR-V, Civic, are over comeplicated. Not sure the NSX looks good. I’m a designer and I can’t draw it from memory, has a lot of shapes, but no clear main lines like the old one, or a 911. If you take a MX5, you might not like how it looks, but in 20 years, I’m sure it will look great especially the RF. All this to say… Scared of what Honda would do with a new S2000. A car I loved when in came out, and still do. Never loved the NSX, but looked good. The new one, looks modern sure, but doesn’t have the modernity of the futuristic i8 that will surely look good in 20 years. But I might be really old in my head. For me the first Bugatti Veyron is way better looking and more timeless than the last ones with orange paint, gold, spoilers, LEDs…
        The design of the Mazda 6 is more exciting than the NSX to me. I would rather have a Carrera GT than a 918 just for the design (not that I could afford either one). I the guy that can hate a car just because it has a stupid tablet screen on the dash that looks like a fake iPad, or because it has mirrors that do not match with the rest of the car. (Hello Mercedes). Well I do not want current Honda’s design on a S2000.

  • pureworx

    interesting.. but would prefer a successor to the celica gt4

    • Ilbirs

      The GT 86 acts as a kind of Celica successor. About AWD, if Toyota and Subaru could get viable to production what is in video, then the GT Four would also have its legacy carried on by the same model:

      • SteersUright

        Wow, thanks for posting! Never saw the GT86 as a rally car and it looks like an amazing car!

        • Ilbirs

          Let’s hope that Toyota and Subaru make this a viable thing.

  • kachuks

    As long as they base it on the second gen w20 and not the horrid looking thing in this photo gallery.

    • antbee

      The miniature Ferrari-looking one, YES! But I do like the Spyder, though.

  • Yoyo

    Already a bad start…. We want a MR2 Turbo successor and NOT a MR2 Roadster successor.

    • weekend at bryans

      i’ve been seeing the MR2 Turbo A LOT lately and it is a beauty!

  • mb4design

    It makes no sense to have both MR2 and 86 as they would be too close in concept & price. Seems more likely a replacement for the 86 if the Subaru partnership ends.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I disagree. Given its layout, it will be positioned as an A110/4C/718 fighter.

  • Mill0048

    There’s a lot to read into here… If Toyota says they want them in production together, that means the 86 will be around for a while unless they’re already far along in the MR2 development cycle (unlikely since no mules have been seen yet). I’m curious what that means for the second gen 86. Maybe the FA20 will get more improvements (sound, performance, or torque linearity).

  • Before everyone gets lost in daydreams of mid-engine goodness, it’s worth noting that the article that originated this story does not actually confirm a successor to the MR2: “It isn’t clear exactly what form this car will take, though it could be similar to the Toyota S-FR concept.” Tada-san was merely saying that Toyota will produce a sports car to sit below the 86. Still, it’s a win for enthusiasts.

  • seriously

    I like the idea but the MR2 has failed time and time again seems like a waste of money to even go down that path again. As fun to drive as the last MR2S were they were also either very slow or very expensive. You can almost bet the new one will be similar to the mr2 spider to fight the miata which every automaker has failed at previously. It seems to make more sense to build on the 86 a convertible and a more powerful variant to bridge the gap between it and the supra

  • antbee


  • weekend at bryans

    someone pick up that damn phone because i MOTHERF-CKING CALLED IT!!!!!!!!
    i have always said that the SFR is going to be the next Mr2!!

    • p00pman

      The sfr concept is fr layout, the mr2 is mid-engined

      • weekend at bryans

        compare the sfr with the mr2 spyder

        • p00pman

          Yeah… the mr2 spyder is mid-engined lol
          All 3 MR2s have been. MR2 stands for Midship/Mid-engine Runabout 2-seater.

          • weekend at bryans

            what i meant was that their proportions are similar

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’d like to see something retro for the MR2 successor.

  • john1168

    That would be great as long as it doesn’t look like the little frog in the pics above. That car was terrible looking! The second Gen MR2 was the best. As others have stated, like a mini Ferrari.

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Javier Bl

    I don´t know the point of waste the idea of the SFR, it was very production ready but Gazoo Racing loves the Mr-s so it´s posible.

    They have already done several concepts

  • Bo Hanan

    “And Toyota, don’t puck it up.”


  • Vassilis

    Good news!

  • DGC

    The MK1 MR2 back in 1986 was the worst car I ever owned. Rattle, squeak, rattle, eek, eek…. The dealer service was horrible too! It was like dating someone that you were embarrassed to hang around with… What was I thinking? I don’t think I even have a picture of that car anymore….

  • SteersUright

    Now this tidbit of news just made my day!! Please dont nueter it as much as the last one though. A serious engine and performance will go a LONG way to establishing the credibility of the MR2. Think of the last turbo version, thats what we want Toyota! Oh, and make the interior and exterior very nice too please, in a classic roadster kind of way. I have to say team Miata did a pretty good job there but the aren’t mid-engined 🙂 and the Miata, despite the good design, still looks too darn cute and not serious enough.

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