Watch: Kidnapping Victim Escapes From Trunk Of Moving Car

Surveillance footage that was released from a gas station shows a woman escaping from a trunk of a black Nissan Altima in Alabam.

The 25-year old female was a victim of kidnapping and was taken earlier that day from outside her apartment, in Avondale, Birmingham in Alabama under gunpoint, with the suspect demanding money, AL writes, citing Sgt. Bryan Shelton.

When the young women told the man that she did not have cash on her, she was forced into her Nissan Altima, before being moved into the trunk. The suspect took her wallet and cell phone, and drove around the city to several ATMs, in an attempt to withdraw money from her credit card.

Eventually, he arrived at a gas station, where he made one final attempt to get some quick cash. However, his nervous attitude gave him away after he asked the owner, Yosef Alsabah, for help with the ATM.

“He was not right… there was something going on with him. He looked like he had a pistol in his pocket. I kept an eye on him”, Alsabah said, adding that he told the suspect to come back later and give it another go.

The suspect then returned to the car, but just as he took off, the victim opened the trunk and jumped out, taking refuge inside the gas station, from where she used the owner’s phone to contact the police and her family.

A relative took her to a nearby hospital, as Alsabah said that she had a few cuts on her.

Police officers are still searching for the suspect.