Californian Uber Driver Arrested For Raping Woman In Car

An Uber driver was placed in custody and is awaiting sentence after being charged with raping a female passenger.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on March 30, when 36-year old Angel Sanchez picked up the woman after a work-related gathering in Newport Beach, California, reports Reuters, citing prosecutors.

Sanchez drove his victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, to Santa Ana, before assaulting her in his minivan. Following the attack, she immediately ran outside and called 911.

An Uber spokesperson commented about the incident, saying: “Nobody should go through what this rider reported to police. We worked with law enforcement on the investigation, and will continue to work with authorities.

For his actions, Angel Sanchez faces a maximum sentence of 8 years in prison, if found guilty; in the meantime, he has been banned from driving for the ride sharing service.

A similar episode occurred in Delhi, India, approximately 2 years ago, when an Uber driver took a female passenger to a remote place and raped her. The victim pressed charges and the man was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Following that incident, the company introduced safety measures and tightened driver checks.