Ford Mustang Is The World’s Best Selling Sports Car With 150,000 Units Sold Globally

For the second year in a row, the Ford Mustang has been named as the world’s best-selling sports car.

According to HIS Markit new vehicle registration data, in excess of 150,000 Mustangs were sold around the world in 2016, a 6 per cent increase over 2015 thanks largely to heightened demand in China and Germany as well as the model’s introduction to new markets like New Caledonia, Gibraltar and Bonaire.

In 2016, international sales of the Mustang soared by 101 per cent to almost 45,000 vehicles. In China, the Mustang has quickly become the highest-selling sports car after enjoying a 74 per cent increase in sales over 2015.

In a statement, Ford Mustang marketing manager Mark Schaller said “The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached before. We continue to make it available in new markets, and drivers in those markets continue to respond with resounding approval.”

Since production of the sixth-generation Mustang started at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in 2015, over 395,000 have been built and 98,000 shipped outside of the United States.



  • TrevP

    I like the Euro Mustang more than the U.S. Mustang….

    • MonkeyRider

      With those huge side mirrors?

  • ediotsavant

    The Mustang is not a sports car.

    • The Watcher

      Tell that to sportcars that GT350R skinned for furniture and use meat for barbeque. I’ll tell you the list is quite long.

    • gshemant

      I wouldn’t consider the mustang and camaro true muscle cars anymore. Both no longer prioritize power and put more emphasis on their handling. The only real muscle car imo is the challenger hellcat and demon.

      • Six Thousand Times

        And those are terrible at everything else. Plus both Camaro and Mustang out-horsepower (net) just about anything from 1970.

        • gshemant

          That’s the point! Straight line performance is the primary objective of a muscle car. Im not taking anything away from the camaro and mustang by saying their not true muscle cars. Both are a lot better than the challenger in terms of overall performance. Its just that the challenger is the only one that stays true to its roots

          • Six Thousand Times

            OK plus the Challenger is also a POS much like more than one of those old muscle cars were back when Detroit didn’t really do quality control.

      • Infinite1

        You have to keep up with the times. A muscle car does not have to be so heavy and clunky that you have to go in a straight line to keep it stable. With that said, they handle better than the past cars they replace but still not as great as the Japanese or German Rivals.

    • b_digital

      It’s a muscle car, known for crashing when exiting cars and coffee events

      • Belthronding Tinuviel

        🙂 you got the point.

  • Benjamin B.

    Watch out at Cars and Coffee

    • Miknik

      150.000 new crowd attacks world wide to be expected in 2017 😉

  • Six Thousand Times

    Blah, blah, blah…not a sports car. While I agree, it’s really a great all-round GT car.

    • Dominator

      Define “sports car” exactly. Models included and cutoff for your definition.

      • Six Thousand Times

        I was saying that I agreed that the Mustang wasn’t a true sports car in the classic tradition . And full disclosure, I drive one.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Except it’s not a sports car

    • Dominant

      Yeah, it’s a mini-van. Rolls-eyes. Of course it’s a sports car. It’s not a grand tourer like some would like to believe. You can purchase track ready versions of either brand. The so-called “sports car” moniker to the likes of an MGB convertible died in the sixties and seventies where “sports” cars were defined to be manual no-frills no accessories no power assisted uncomfortable raucousmobiles. Pony cars have evolved and so have sports cars. 911s are no different. They have all the creature comforts in their regular line and have a track ready contingent.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Sorry, I will never commit to that. They are not sports cars. You can’t be one thing then all of a sudden you are something else. The 911 has always been and always will be a sports car, the mustang has been and always will be a pony car.

  • Dan

    does this include sales to rental companies? sure see a lot of them at the airport

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