Jeep Wrangler Gets A Couple More Special Editions Before It’s Replaced

The current JK-generation Jeep Wrangler may not be long for this world. But before Fiat Chrysler sends it off down the old dusty trail and into the setting sun, to be replaced by an all-new model, it’s giving the long-lived off-roader at least two more special editions.

The retro-tastic model pictured above is called the Chief, its medium-blue paint offset by a white hardtop and stripes along its shoulders.

Sure to find favor with the surfer crowd, the Wrangler Chief also gets an old-school 4 Wheel Drive decal on the tailgate, 17-inch wheels, and brushed silver trim.

It’s joined by the Smoky Mountain edition, all murdered-out for a more low-key, almost militaristic look. All the trim is blacked out, from the 18-inch wheels to the headlights, bumpers, and grille. The only thing that stands out is the graphic along the side of the hood – that along with the polished fascia on the wheels and the white lettering on the off-road tires.

Either can be had in standard two-door or Unlimited four-door bodystyles, with prices (as quoted by AutoGuide) ranging from just over $35k to nearly $40k.

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  • Benjamin B.

    The second special edition is suppose to be blacked out, but the Bridgestone tires’ white letters are visual. The more old school special edition looks pretty cool with the smaller 1980s style wheels and BF Goodrich tires. Everything looks 1980s to me. Black one looks cool although I would turn the tires around.

  • carsmofo

    not impressed.
    bring the Africa Edition to the market and we’ll have a deal.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Gonna take a lot to take me away from you…

      • ohbebek

        There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

  • Tumbi Mtika

    FCA: Milk EVERYTHING until we’re ready to (think about)make new products.

  • Day_Trader

    As part of the special edition packages, every buyer gets a notoriously reliable craftsmanship. So, buy now.

  • Peter Vancouver

    The African edition is nice looking, mind you it can be easily replicated and at minimal cost … paint and rims

  • psiqtas

    Since when Jeep has switched to Bridgestones or BFG’s? They used to have the Goodyears WRANGLER for sooo long…why that change?