New Audi A8 To Offer Level 3 Autonomous Driving

Audi says its next-generation A8 due to launch this year will be the first production car capable of Level 3 autonomous driving.

The launch of the new A8 has been a long time coming and it was even delayed to allow more time to develop its self-driving tech. AutoNews says that the vehicle’s self-driving abilities will be so advanced that they may not be immediately available at launch because few road laws have been updated to permit such features on public streets.

A key difference between Audi’s Level 3 software and the Level 2 currently use by Tesla and Mercedes-Benz is that drivers of the new A8 will be allowed to take their eyes off the road and perform other activities while the car drives itself at speeds of less than 37 mph (60 km/h) in heavy congestion.

Although Audi is pursuing Level 3 automation, some automaker are mpt. In fact, both Ford and Volvo are pondering jumping straight from Level 2 autonomy to Level 4 where a vehicle can drive itself without human intervention in most driving conditions.

Audi’s system will consist of 12 ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners and a video camera. It will also use a camera to monitor the driver and will be able to pull over if it recognizes any health problems or episodes that the driver experiences.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Benjamin B.

    Sorry to say this, but I thought these photos were of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion.

  • U8INIT

    This car is going to be a Level 3 tattle tale if I’m being honest…

  • Miknik

    Apart from the super dull 1990ies FWD proportions of this car I really doubt that, given by the reliability levels of your average sat nav or self parking function where available, a Level where people should not be watching what the “automation” does is already realistically here. Auto Pilot is great, but even in planes, where there is a lot of space around you to correct errors, and the tech is in use for decades, still at least one pilot is or should be monitoring the plane. Now have a car in down town traffic (60kph) cruising with the driver watching cat videos on YouTube instead of at least somehow being half way alert, I’m just not sure the tech is already there to provide that kind of functionality with the reliability in all situations. This systems are great to assist, but so far I doubt they should fully replace drivers….

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