New Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept Previews Future Range Rover Rival

Infiniti released the first details of their new QX80 Monograph design study, set to make its debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show.

The new concept essentially previews Infiniti’s future flagship SUV, featuring an imposing sculptural shape based on the company’s latest design language.

“The QX80 Monograph represents a detailed study into our expertise of exterior design,” said Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti Motor Company. “QX80 Monograph shows our concept of luxury and style on the road, and is an exploration into how we could enhance our future INFINITI offering in the luxury SUV segment.”

The new QX80 Monograph has been penned at the brand’s design studio in Atsugi, Japan, featuring elements such as the double-arch grille and a reshaped D-pillar, both of which are probably going to end up in the regular production version as well.

“Earlier INFINITI show cars have started conversations with our customers, which gives us the chance to talk about the brand’s future direction,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Infiniti Global Design. “We have listened to our customers to discover their expectations for a large SUV from INFINITI in 2017 and beyond. The QX80 Monograph illustrates how INFINITI’s ‘powerful elegance’ design language could be used to develop our luxury SUVs in future.”

The next full size QX80 is due for a release in 2018. The current model comes with a 400hp 5.6-liter V8 and has a starting price of $63,850.


  • no25

    I actually like it. It’s not as bulgy as the current one. Hopefully, the production version will look as good. Also, though, when will we see a new QX70, Infiniti???

    • Jay

      New QX70 in 2018

      • no25

        It’ll probably be showcased at the end of 2018 to go on sale mid 2019 as a 2020 model lol. smh

        • Jay

          I think it will be showcased end of 17.. reason being certain 2017 MY part numbers end 3/18. The new model could/should be not long before or after that date.

  • Nordschleife

    I keep reading Monograph as Monolith but it looks pretty good thus-far. The first teaser came out a few days ago and now we see the entire model while the Enclave teaser came out a few weeks ago and I have yet to see another picture regarding it.

  • QX80L

    I think we are basically looking at what is the next QX80 facelift. Which means the Y62 Nissan Patrol is also due for a facelift. My guess is we could see this as easily as MY2018/MY2019. Same platform but extensive facelift. LX

  • U8INIT

    YEOSSSSSSSS!!!! Infiniti if you change one OUNCE it’s me and you!!!!

    • Mill0048

      Sadly they will. Concepts like this look too good for production, so automakers have to tone them down to keep the world from imploding.

  • Tumbi Mtika


    This might be my favorite if it goes all the way.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel


  • Fucking ghastly

  • getoffme

    Lexus LX?

    • donald seymour


    • Eythan Aldrich

      wrong suv mothersucker….

  • ErnieB

    I like it! And going by past concepts to production it should look pretty similar when in production..

  • Puddingpopper

    seems to have an identity crisis. audi meets LR RR meets a dough ball

    • donald seymour

      I really don’t know what you are talking about. It has its genetic link between its siblings and predecessor. Where do you see Range Rover at?

      • Puddingpopper

        RR Velar is crushing it, rest of its line up is clean and smooth and terrific blend of hard and soft. This is trying to rock the RR in the belt line. Its Audiness is in the front graphics. All in all just take a look at the reflections and how light swirls from the front fender to headlight. Not wild about execution. Haven’t been crazy about infiniti in its post ‘G’ lineup

        • donald seymour

          I do admit that the Velar is attractive, but Range Rover quality sucks. This, the Qx80, has the quality of a Nissan econo while Range Rover well, have the quality of a Range Rover.

          • Puddingpopper

            No doubt. Nissan=bulletproof. Land Rover=burn after warranty ha ha

    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Michelin

    A box of shoes !!!

  • Dennis Scipio

    I’m guessing when it goes into production it will use the same platform as the new Nissan Patrol/Mitsubishi Pajero, can’t guarantee that but it’s a possibility.

  • An Existing Person

    I actually like that a lot.

  • To bad this want make it like this in to production form ,(

    • donald seymour

      Considering Nissan/Infiniti’s trend for concept cars, it actually will make it to production. Though, the headlights and camera mirrors won’t make it.

      • Eythan Aldrich

        because it’s too early for that(the camera mirrors I’m talking about)

  • Jeff

    why not the QX70 concept first then this…

  • Smith

    Range Rover rival, you are kidding, right? Did you look at this picture you posted. This is the most ugly, tasteless vehicle. The Range Rover is sophisticated and sleek and extremely classy. This Q is just totally wrong, boxy and wow, words just fail me. UGLY is all that can be said, UGLY!

  • Kash

    Everyone is doing the refinement thing with their styling. Chevy did it on the Equinox, BMW did it with the 5 and 7, Ford did it with the Expedition, Audi with the Q5, A4, and A5, Porsche did it with the Panamera, and Bentley is doing it with the new Conti. Even Jaguar did it with the XF. Nothing really revolutionary in terms of restyling and that’s exactly what this is and what the QX is gonna be.

  • cooper

    Wow is that hideous.

  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    REVOLTING. Just like all other Nissans with a stupid badge.

  • Mark S

    What a MF’n Joke! The Germans, Swede’s and English are celebrating! Peoples Kids mite like it’s cartoonish character.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I never knew Range Rovers potential customer demographic included blind people?

  • TheHake

    Wow. This is horrendously ugly.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      uh no…..

  • SteersUright

    Ok Infiniti. Step 1, fire your CEO. Step 2, replace your entire design team. Step 3, poach designers, managers, and other key staff from Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Oh yeah, and 1 Lexus Quality Assurance engineering executive as well. Pay them whatever you have to. Step 4, sit back for several years while you flush out the current crap in your pipeline.

  • Howstar

    Looks fantastic, maybe a marmite car but i’m siding with love it.
    Almost looks like how the Range Rover might look in 10 years time

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