U Spy Euro Borgward BX5 SUV Near HQ In Stuttgart

While Borgward’s latest efforts may have taken place with China in mind, the automaker also has its sights set on Europe, which is where products like the BX5 come in.

Last February, the BX5 was described as a “prototype approaching the series-production stage”, and now, thanks to one of our readers, Julian Bernhard, we may have our first look at the finalized product.

The car was photographed near the automaker’s headquarters in Stuttgart, and is assumed to be an EU-version seen as how there were several other prototypes in the vicinity with slightly different designs.

While there still isn’t much to go on in regards to specs, pricing or performance, we can tell you that in terms of size, the BX5 is similar to a VW Tiguan. Also, the prototype brought to Geneva last February was powered by a plug-in hybrid system, with an output of 258 horses. Whether that’s also the case with this particular car, is unknown.

Rumor has it that the BX5 will eventually be offered as both a plug-in hybrid (petrol + electric motor) as well as a full electric model.

Thanks to Julian for the pic!

  • pureworx

    hmm.. looks like an audi with a different badge

    • alexxx

      Better than audi….