Limited Edition Mercedes-AMG G63 50th Anniversary Launches In Japan

As Mercedes-AMG continues to celebrate its fifth decade, the performance division of Mercedes-Benz has unveiled this special G63 50th Anniversary Edition in Japan.

Exclusive to this AMG-loving country, just 50 units of the vehicle will be produced and all will be distinguished from run-of-the-mill G63 models thanks to the designo Mauritius Blue color. Additionally, each G63 50th Anniversary Edition includes black on the front bumper, wheel arches, wing mirrors, rear bumper, spare wheel cover and roof. Fittingly, 20-inch black AMG wheels are also standard.

In the cabin, each unit will be offered with four different designo leather interiors. One features black leather, another black and tan leather, the third black and brown leather and the final interior option consists of black and cream leather. Contrasting stitching in Mauritius Blue will also make the cabins of each G63 50th Anniversary Edition model stand out.

Pricing for the model starts at 22.2 million yen ($195,000).


  • Six_Tymes

    like a lot, but so over priced.


    • Kash

      Not gonna happen. It’s a highly regarded feature even by the G-wagon buyers.