Mitusbishi Could Launch New Sedan And Pickup In U.S.

Mitsubishi’s new chief operating officer has a host of plans for the company’s future and is pondering bringing a new sedan and pickup to the U.S.

With the company revitalized by entering into the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Mitsubishi is expected to return a full-year profit for the year ending March 31, a dramatic turnaround from internal forecasts prior to Trevor Mann becoming the new COO.

Speaking to Automotive News, Mann revealed that the United States as well as China and Southeast Asia are considered as the primary drivers of its ongoing recovery and is well aware of the added flexibility the automaker has after partnering with Renault and Nissan.

According to Mann, it would be conceivable for a pickup based around a Nissan platform to be launched while Renault-Nissan could also receive a tap on the shoulder to help Mitsubishi create a new sedan in the wake of the Lancer’s impending death.

“It’s something that we should look at. As we go forward and start to have common platforms, an alliance pickup platform would be quite an appropriate thing for us to do,” Mann said.

As it stands, Mitsubishi already offers a pickup overseas, including in Australia and Japan where it is badged the Triton. Bringing a similar model to the U.S. could prove to be a winning move by the marque.

Beyond the potential of these two new vehicles, Mann suggested that it could restart manufacturing in North America after shutting down its sole facility on the continent last year.

“One of the things that we have to start looking at is perhaps further industrialization. We don’t have a plant in the U.S. anymore. Maybe using Nissan’s capacity,” he said.