30 Vehicles Damaged In North Carolina Honda Dealer Wheel Heist

More than 30 vehicles were damaged at a North Carolina Honda dealership as thieves looked to steal car jacks, wheels and tires.

Automotive News reports that the unidentified thieves shattered the passenger windows of a number of Hondas on Monday night, retrieving the wheel lock keys and removing the wheels of three Accord Sports and one Honda Pilot.

Speaking to the media, chief of communications for the Union County Sheriff’s Office Tony Underwood said that it appeared the thieves stole the jacks for further attacks. “It appears the entire motivation was to gain the equipment to facilitate more larceny and they wanted to get the lug nuts so they could remove the tires,” Underwood said.

The Metro Honda dealership in Union County does not have surveillance cameras, and while the used-car lot across the street does, authorities haven’t been able to find any useful footage.

“We’re just comparing notes with other agencies who may have some information on other thefts in the area to see if they’re in any way connected,” said Underwood.

Photo credits: Union County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook


  • Six_Tymes

    d-bags strike again

  • kachuks

    That’s a whole lot of effort just for some wheels.

    • KidRed

      So common crappy Honda wheels too, 17″ probably. It’s not like these were lightweight forged wheels that would have value. Not sure the jail time is worth the value of the wheels.

      • David Lombana

        Nah, actually they’re 19 inch factory Enkeis for that particular Accord. Don’t know about the Pilot but unfortunately Accord Sport wheels are commonly stolen across the country. I like them but I agree, too much effort for how heavy they are and they’re not Volk/Rays either…but I guess to low rent thieves a couple dollars is better than a real job…

  • Craig

    I’ve had all four wheels stolen on TWO vehicles in my life time. I keep hoping that by some miracle they were run over by them!

  • cat

    Why not use a device like the clothing stores that if you steal the tires a device stain the tires with paint that can not be eliminated and are useless?

    • David Lombana

      You can easily repaint them or refinish them. Or at least with low enough effort that people will still steal them. They just need to invest in security.

  • Blade t

    A new car dealership with no surveillance cameras seems insane !

    • gshemant

      I don’t think they’d do much of a difference since most robbers nowadays wear full body suits.

  • BlackPegasus

    Those 19 inch wheels and tires on the Accord Sport trim are very stylish. The demand for them on the black market is high.


  • spambox

    500 dollar security dvr would have these guys behind bars right now.