An F12berlinetta Owner’s Take On The New Ferrari 812 Superfast

These days Ferrari is conducting the press launch of its new V12 GT, the 812 Superfast, and to say that those who have sampled it so far have walked away gob smacked would be an understatement.

Improving on a supercar of the caliber of the F12berlinetta must have been quite a task, but Maranello’s engineers did just that with the 812. It’s not just power that has now climbed to 800 HP, or performance from the updated 6.5-liter V12 (how does 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds sound to you?) – the 812 Superfast bests its predecessor in almost everything.

Ferrari has fitted an electric power steering for the first time, and that’s supposed to work with the Slide Slip Control and the rest of the electronics to make the car even nimbler and, at the same time, safer.

You might have already seen most of the above in the first couple of reviews that came out, but this one is different because the man behind the wheel has owned an F12 for two years and has covered no less than 17,000 miles in it. He is therefore well qualified to provide us with the owner’s perspective after a drive in the twisty roads above Maranello.

So, what does he think of the latest, and (LaFerrari excluded) greatest to come out of Ferrari? Scroll down and find out in the video right after the jump.


  • fabri99

    Fantastic car, I have no doubt, but why do Ferraris all look so hideous recently?

    • Honda NSX-R

      Might have to do with Pininfarina.

      • europeon

        Rather with them not using Pininfarina (or Bertone, or Giugiaro) anymore.

      • fabri99

        No, the real mess (812, 488, GTC4Lusso) has to do with their Centro Stile.

    • Bob

      What’s your idea of a beautiful Ferrari?

      • fabri99

        360 Modena, 355, 550 Maranello, 612 Scaglietti and even the F430. Damn, even the 458 was a looker. The most recent ones though are a complete mess: the 488 lost all the 458 beauty and armony, the GTC4Lusso is perhaps the ugliest Ferrari ever (while the FF was at least fascinating, despite being disproportionate) and this 812…it looks like an alien, and not in a good-McLaren720S-way. The F12 wasn’t this bad (I’m not a fan of the way it looks, but it definitely had some good design cues)… They just seem to mess everything up. And the F12 Berlinetta Lusso by Touring Superleggera just goes to show you how much prettier, cleaner and elegant a Ferrari GT could be.

    • Infinite1

      Pininfarina but the 812 Superfast is now designed in house by Ferrari

      • fabri99

        Their problem is that they started to design cars in house. The 488 was designed in house, the GTC4Lusso too… And you can totally tell apart what Centro Stile Ferrari did and what Pininfarina did (F12, for istance). FCA should completely abandon their Centro Stile and hire Pininfarina…full-time, for every single FCA (or at least Fiat/Maserati/Ferrari/AlfaRomeo) design.

  • BobV12

    Horrible bonnet gap or is it me ?

    • Big Black Duck

      its noticable now they u mention it ..