Make Sure You Have Gas Money, If You’re Going To Steal A Ferrari

Police officers arrested a Georgia man, last Sunday, in San Rafael, California, on the suspicion of stealing a Ferrari 488 GTB from a local dealership.

Nothing strange, so far, but what gave the suspect away, identified as 36-year old Rocky Jimenez, reports CBS, was the fact that he was asking for gas money, a thing that supercar owners don’t tend to do.

Upon arriving at the scene contacted by bystanders, officers saw the man acting strangely, and appearing to pour gas on the Italian exotic, Sgt. Lisa Holton said, so they approached him, only to learn that ‘his’ Ferrari had been in the shop for two years, and that he recently took delivery of the car.

Jimenez then told the police that the ownership papers were in his backpack, and allowed them to search it, but what they found was a key to the 488 GTB in question, along with another Ferrari key.

As the ownership papers were nowhere to be found, the officers then contacted the Ferrari dealership, which sent a representative at the scene, who confirmed that this particular supercar had been stolen.

The 36-year old man was arrested and placed in custody for on suspicion of car theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance.

Note: This is not the actual stolen Ferrari 488 GTB


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