You Can Now Pull A BMW Individual On Your 2017 Insignia With Opel’s New Exclusive Program

After many months of advertising their new personalization program, called ‘Exclusive’, Opel is now able to accept orders.

It’s similar to what other German premium carmakers offer on many of their models, like BMW’s Individual and Audi’s – which coincidentally or not, is named Exclusive, programs.

One of the first cars on the agenda that can be specified to the Exclusive program is the new Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, with the portfolio allowing customers to choose from 15 new shades.

The exterior colors will eventually be extended with unlimited options, and if you need help, then the German company will gladly give you some ideas, such as your ‘favorite lipstick’, you ‘daughter’s eye color’, or even ‘a picture of the dark blue evening sky’.

Opel Exclusive also includes a new ‘Black Pack’, which adds a high-gloss look to the grille bar, window trim strips, and exterior mirrors, and will soon add a selection of interior leather options and decorative elements, which will be joined by special wheel designs.

Every new Opel Insignia, ordered as an Exclusive, will also host a series of standard features, such as the Navi 900 IntelliLink infotainment system, with an 8-inch touchscreen, Matrix LED headlights, and Solar Protect heat-absorbing glazing.

Coinciding with the launch of the brand’s personalization program is the opening of the order books of the new Insignia Country Tourer in Germany.

Prices for the third addition to the range, after the Grand Sport and Sports Tourer, start from €34,885 ($39,225), and it will arrive at dealers shortly after the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, which debuts in September.

The rugged-looking family estate, which benefits from plastic cladding, roof railing, 25mm (1in) of additional ground clearance, five-link rear suspension, and AWD with torque vectoring, can also be had as an Exclusive, from €35,885 ($40,350).


  • Akira

    Considering most of these will be company cars I highly doubt this program will be popular.

  • roy

    the sedan in the picture looks really good. kind of reminds me of the poelstar

  • Jim Jones ©

    The build quality is bargain basement I guess you only get what you pay for, but, Geely can do better.

    • Matt

      Is it that bad?

      • Mr_Fanta_Pants

        No, Jim is just a twat.

      • TheHake

        It’s really not. Even the previous gen Insignia was nice.

    • TheBelltower

      Have you been in one?

  • Dariush

    saw a 2017 Insignia parked right behind a Giulia(in a nice elegant trim, gotta say…). The alfa looked so tiny and compact compared to the Opel. Sizewise this insignia is pretty large, long overhangs, its nice but somehow feels more of a US sedan size than a European model.

    • TheHake

      I hope the rear leg room has improved. That was the only real bad thing from the previous gen.

    • Ilbirs

      This is one of the problems generated by the bloatxploitation we’re seeing in the car business: the Insignia is in fact what an American would call a mid-size model and even it’s an American mid-size model when it’s sold under the Buick Regal nameplate. This trend that still persists is distorting the segments to a point when we see a rationally sized D-segment model (Giulia and 3-Series, for example), there’s a sensation we’re looking at a small sized model instead of the closest thing a car of a given size category used to be. Maybe it’s coming closer the time when world auto industry will need to shrink and better packaging the models as it happened to the American car industry in mid-1970s.

  • Infinite1

    Love the exterior paint

  • TheHake

    Wow I LOVE that colour!

  • TheBelltower

    Not really the same.


    PSA now owns Opel, and Citroen has Exclusive trim for decades, not Audi, or BMW was this inspiration….

  • Pauric Mcginley

    Better buy them before the French take over my dad has a 308 and it’s bad the carpet comes away even the dash and cup holders lol

  • Six Thousand Times

    A little feminine but a beautiful blue!