11-Year-Old Boy In Texas Invents Device To Prevent Hot Car Deaths [w/Video]

What were you doing when you were 11? Perhaps running around the local park with your friends or getting up to mischief at home? Well one 11-year-old in Texas has invented a device that could prevent hot car deaths.

CBS News reports that, 12 months ago, local resident Bishop Curry watched a news report about a 6-month-old who died after being left in a hot car. Immediately after watching the report, Curry began working on a prototype to stop such needless deaths.

Curry’s original creation consisted of a fan that could turn on automatically when the inside of the car reaches a certain temperature and could be placed on a headrest facing the child. According to Curry’s father, Bishop Curry IV, the 11-year-old then added a GPS to the device.

“The device detects if vehicle comes to stop, using GPS technology. It then detects if a child is in that car seat, and if the car is heating up. If all of those things are taking place, it blows cold air on the child through an internal cooling system,” Curry said.

Not fully satisfied with his initial creation, Bishop then incorporated WiFi into his device, dubbed Oasis, meaning it is capable of contacting the child’s parents if it is discovered that they have been left in the car.

In the months since launching a GoFundMe campaign in January, Curry has built a 3D model of the device and, with his father, presented it to a number of car seat manufacturers who reportedly showed some interest.


  • roy

    now that’s something worth appreciating

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Kudos to Bishop.
    However, if an adult needs a device to tell them that they have left their kid in the car, should that adult be a parent?

    • KareKakk

      The device should send a copy of the message to the nearest police station/car too.

  • mike

    I dont get it…so he’s just created a temperature controlled fan?…aint there many of those around already
    and also the fan is blowing the air inside the car which is already warm/hot so its not drawing cold air in?
    Another point is, it runs off batteries so if ur clumsy and a bad parent and forget to take your kid out of the car, ur gonna forget to change the battries too

    • KareKakk

      He is 11 and doesn’t own a car, hence using batteries instead of a car & car battery for the purpose of developing and testing the device. In the car it will obviously use the cars electricity system.

      Further more; “blows cold air on the child through an internal cooling system”… how about reading the article thorougly before whining?

      • europeon

        Still unbelievably stupid. Not the kid, but the media that makes a story out of this.
        It looks like nothing more but a Peltier device which does absolutely nothing in a closed loop system, like a car. It cools one side just to heat up the other side, usually the hot side requiring a radiator and a fan to dissipate the heat. As long as the contraption has no way of dissipating that heat on the outside it does nothing – it may even worsen the condition inside the car because any electric motor heats up, not to mention the batteries. It’s basic phisics.

        You know what’s a f*cking brilliant idea? A Raspberry connected to the car’s ODB port, with a motion sensor, a microphone and a temperature/humidity sensor that lowers the windows when some conditions are met – a baby is detected. And you know what’s the best part? I came up with it while writing this post.

        EDIT: Oh, nevermind. I just realized he has a crowd funding campaign. Smart marketing from the part of his parents – a detestably cute kid posing as a genius with a solution to save the babies – to make some money for his college fund. Just look at all the concerned mommies that donated on GoFundMe.

        I’m all for this simple and very applied engineering that solves fundamental problems and improves the quality of life, but this one is not it. Just take a look at the pedal washing machine and that wheelchair for developing countries, that’s the kind of engineering that matters, not this kind of BS.

        Man, people are so gullible… I wish I could be the kind of person that takes advantage of them and then sleeps like a baby at night.

        At least this is a small time scam compared to the Hyperloop or SOLAR FREAKIN’ ROADWAYS.

        • Troll

          It is capable of calling 911 genius. Listen before you fart.

          • Status

            Ignore him. His Catholic upbringing has effectively destroyed his chances of happiness that doesn’t come at the expense of ruining a child’s happiness, if you know what I mean.

          • europeon

            Try again. Science is my religion, and I’m thankful to my parents for not raising me after some stupid religious doctrine.

          • europeon

            Amazing. That changes *everything*!

        • BlackPegasus
        • SaGuy

          1. What are you doing to uplift and possible even save the lives of other people?
          2. What gives you the right to shit on somebody else who is trying?
          3. Are u proud of putting a 11 year old down? Especially in light of the above.
          4. How would you behave if this child was yours, a family members or a close friends child?
          5. There is a good saying – when you have nothing good to say then rather say nothing at all.
          So while this may not be perfect let’s try remember that this is the work of a loving giving 11 year old and try and appreciate and foster such a fantastic child. We gain nothing tearing each other down.

          • europeon


            1. Nothing. I don’t care much about saving lives, we’re already overpopulated for this planet, and the gene pool is degrading. It’s a different story when it comes to the quality of life.
            2. Free speech
            3. Yes, I don’t think mediocrity needs to be praised. Even tho I didn’t put him down, I pointed the stupidity of everyone that doesn’t see this is nothing but a scheme to get some money from gullible idiots.
            4. Same.
            5. I did. I explained why his contraption doesn’t work and offered an alternative.

            Oh, this SJW/PC culture is gonna be the end of humankind.

        • Steve McQueen

          “You know what’s a f*cking brilliant idea? A Raspberry connected to the car’s ODB port, with a motion sensor, a microphone and a temperature/humidity sensor that lowers the windows when some conditions are met. And you know what’s the best part? I came up with it while writing this post.”

          Any modern car should be able to start it as well and turn the AC on. Then send a video feed to the owners phone with a text saying “HEY DUMMY. I JUST SAVED YOUR KIDS LIFE”.

          • ou95grad

            Especially in vehicles with systems like OnStar…it could actually call 911, as well.

        • Vassilis

          You know, the story here isn’t what the kid made. It’s that he cared enough to make it. Which is more than many people would do at that age. Don’t be so cynical.

          • europeon

            I’m not interested in praising mediocrity.

          • Vassilis

            An 11 year-old boy hears on the news that a toddler died in that specific way and what he does is try to make a device that will prevent that from happening in the future. You call the mediocrity? If all of us cared as much as that boy the world would be a better place. But of course, what us grown-ups are good for is criticizing the boy that what he made wasn’t clever enough or good enough. Well done.

      • mike

        where is it gonna get cold air from if the windows are closed? also, it would need to be installed to wire it into the cars system, which would incur more costs if u dont know how to do it urself, because if it just used the cigerette plug or a 5v socket, some cars don’t have an active power when the car is turned off.

  • Carlos Gamarra

    now thats amazing


  • Six Thousand Times

    Way to go, kid.

  • ace_9

    Funny how for most of the people logic goes completely out of the way when it comes to children and babies 😀

    • exeptor

      And for this statement you are “hater who does nothing but criticize others” :). As the “europeon” said above “SJW/PC culture is gonna be the end of humankind”.

      Still a good chance for a smart but evil persons to identify what makes people shut down their brains (even if they realize on a subconscious level that they are doing something stupid) and use it to gently slide some shady ideas in the society.

      Apart from the above: greetings for Bishop Curry (for being smart and talented) and his parents for guiding him in this direction.

  • Chris C

    The great thing is that he identified an issue, was sufficiently motivated to do something about it, worked out a solution and actually built it. That’s how people like James Dyson started and look where he’s ended up…

    I have spent a lot of my career working with automotive HVAC systems, about which I knew naff all at age 11 (although I was quite good with Meccano…)

    The clever bit is that it calls the owner so it’s not just a closed loop system.

    Something like this would also be of use for dog owners – dogs cannot control their body heat easily and many die quickly through being left in a vehicle with inadequate ventilation.

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