2018 Ford Mustang Order Guide Leaked, Just Don’t Opt For The Chrome Grille

Ford has still to release the full technical details of the 2018 Mustang but the model’s order guide has now hit the web.

Mustang6g member disneyfun1 got hold of Ford’s 2018 Order Guide Information booklet and posted the Mustang pages in all their glory.

Ford will offer five distinct packages for the 2018 Mustang – including the EcoBoost Premium Pony, the EcoBoost Wheel and Stripe, the new EcoBoost Performance Package, the GT Performance Package and the Black Accent Package.

The latter, which is destined for V8 models only, adds a lot of goodies like a unique front splitter, 19-inch black alloys, six-piston Brembo brakes, a rear wing spoiler, bespoke settings for the chassis-ESP-EPAS-ABS, a strut-tower brace and K-brace, a larger radiator, “heavy-duty” front springs and a fatter rear sway bar.

However, the Performance package for the EcoBoost Mustang doesn’t include the bigger brakes, the K-Brace, the front splitter and the front springs. The other two packages were also offered in the current Mustang, with the Premium Pony adding a bright front grille that arguably makes the front end look tacky if you ask us.

The Black Accent Package adds some murdered-out details into the mix, including black 19-inch wheels, black decklid spoiler and some black badging all around, but in order to select it, you’d have to also opt for a painted black roof.

Still there’s no information on the reworked powertrains or any performance data. We do know that the 2018 Mustang will come with a 10-speed automatic gearbox, as well as adaptive dampers which are likely to be offered as a standalone option.

The key interior points of the new Ford Mustang are the new carbon-fiber trim for the dashboard and the shift-knob and the ebony leather/Alcantara seats with Alcantara door inserts. A new 12-inch digital display in the driver’s binnacle will provide all the information you could ask, including burnout data from the now standard to all Mustangs Line-Lock feature.