Bugatti Says Its Next Hypercar Will Be Electrified

Bugatti has admitted that its next-generation hypercar and successor to the Chiron will get some form of electrification.

Company chief executive Wolfgang Durheimer revealed the news to Autocar, confirming for the first time that the Chiron will indeed be replaced but not for some time.

“Electrification will happen. The next car is a long way from being developed, but the way battery and electric motor technology is moving on – as well as regulations – it seems certain that the next car will be electrified in some way. It will still be too soon for a full electric car, I think – but electrification will happen,” Durheimer said.

The outspoken chief executive also believes that the Chiron is likely to represent the pinnacle of mechanical performance without electrification and could therefore prove exceptionally valuable in the decades to come. Consequently, he wants to buy one, he said.

Interestingly, has also revealed that the French company is considering launching a second model before a replacement to the Chiron is produced. If this is the case, a new Bugatti hypercar could be 20 years away.

“We are looking at what customers want if we do something different, and we have some ideas. But we are not under pressure to decide – production of the Chiron is expected to last for around eight years. We are at the predevelopment phase, preparing technically and asking clients what they expect,” he said.

For much of the Chiron’s development, it was rumoured that the car would adopt some form of hybridization. In fact, Bugatti openly said it was investigating such a setup but was able to achieve its performance goals without going down that route.


  • Elmediterraneo

    I had some ideas for Bugatti’s future. To build a line-up of regular cars, not limited edition which cost between Lamborghini/Bentley prices and a 1 million €. So that could be from 400K€ up to 700K€.
    And thanks to Volkswagens’s group components they don’t need to redevelop to much things.
    1 st example : a Bugatti SUV, a kind of super-Bentayga based on Audi’s MLB platform for the VW group’s high-end SUVs. With a plug-in hybrid version of the Bentayga’s W12 it could easily produce 800 to 1000 hp. But with a more exclusive and luxurious presentation, it could have also a more areodymanic desgin from the outside to reminds the Chiron. Don’t forget that 4 door cars have always been part of Bugatti’s history. But now in the 21st century, it looks like that the more sellable 4 door is the SUV.
    2nd example : a supercar or baby-Chiron, based on the new Porsche’s MMB platform which will underpin all the future sportscars from the group (Porsche 718, Porsche 911, Audi R8, Lamborghini V10, Lamborghini V12) it could be the opportunity to offer a mid-engine supercar for the W12 engine. With the same spec as the SUV, it could a more luxurious an exclusive alternative to the Aventador.
    It’s time in Volkswagen to rethink Bugatti’s place in the market, you can’t survive only with limited edition hypercars therefore this brand is useless. Don’t forget that the Chiron is here only to continue to amortize the Veyron’s huge development costs which have never been profitable for Volkswagen.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Fair enough but that’s where Lamborghini and Bentley live.


    Of course it will be electric. The electric propulsion “meteor” has hit…and the “impact crater” has hung a curtain of doom over all of the internal combustion epoch. Even the super raptors / apex predators like the Chiron…and the Hellcat …and the 12 cylinder Ferraris were unable to outrun the extinction level event. Can’t wait to see all the custom electric conversions of previously fossil fuel powered cars. Yes..this will happen. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

  • Six Thousand Times

    It definitely needs to become heavier and more expensive.

  • Blade t

    I guess doing away with that monster 16cyl quad turbo then….

  • benT

    hopefully ELECTRIFYING!!

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