Inside The Sultan Of Brunei’s Mysterious Car Collection

It’s a well-known fact that the Sultan of Brunei has arguably the most extensive car collection on earth but for decades, the full extent of his collection has only been known by those close to him.

Now, thanks to GTBoard and Instagram user Taffy CS, a selection of never-before-seen photos of the Sultan’s remarkable collection have emerged and as we long suspected, the collection is from another planet.

The collection apparently consists of approximately 3,000 vehicles, many of which were commissioned exclusively for the Sultain. He is fond of some serious machines and owns dozens of Porsche 911s and at least two Porsche 959s. Additionally, there are a handful of Bugatti EB110s in his collection and multiple Jaguar XJ220s.

Perhaps most remarkable about the collection is that at one stage, the Sultan owned ten McLaren F1s, three of which were the ultra-desirable F1 LM, limited to just five units worldwide. What’s more, two of those F1 LMs have never been seen in public and are actually painted black with unique graphics (pictured above), despite most thinking all five were bright orange.

Other cool vehicles owned by the Sultan include six Bentley Dominator SUVs commissioned exclusively by him, a Dauer 962 and a Ferrari 456 GT Venice. As you’d imagine, the list goes on and on and on…

A post shared by Taffy CS (@taffy_c_s_145) on Jul 15, 2017 at 5:00am PDT


  • Zandit75

    The last time I saw a story about the Sultan’s collection, it was about how the humid conditions in Brunei were destroying the cars, and requiring them to be restored.

    • Zandit75

      Looking at the video, I’m guessing these photos are actually from some time ago.
      There’s nothing newer shown than the late 90’s in these photos, many of which are duplicated several times.
      You can easily see they have not been kept in showroom condition.

    • Erzhik

      Last I heard, he was selling off many of his cars because the guy was practically broke.

  • Vítor

    That yellow on yellow 911 Turbo at 01:03, that’s quite bad

  • Stephen Baxter

    My favorite bespoke of his didn’t make these pics: the Bentley Buccaneer

  • Christian
  • Bash

    Does any one know exactly whats the exact number of cars he owns? every once in a while a footage surface up the internet and shows like 50-100 cars. i saw many clips over the years, Sultan of Brunei could easily be owning a 1000 cars.

  • TechLegend

    he sure loved those 90’s supercars. I counted 6 Jag XJ220’s and just as many Ferrari F50s. O yeah… and 2 McLaren f1s.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I’m just gonna say it….this guy has a problem…it rhymes with “Hoarding”. And when is 1 of something not enough? 5-959s, 8-XJ220s? Paging Dr Freud, Dr Freud you have a call holding from the Sultan of Brunei on his direct line.

  • Blade t

    Pics look super old….

    • anonymous

      From year 2001. Mr, Taffy scanned the photos from his friend when he visited the garage back in 2001

  • Thomas Welcomer

    Why glamorize this embarrassment of a human being? He is the WORST example of what we as a species would do if were able to have ANYTHING. What a POS.

    When you look into his life, I imagine karma is just waiting for an EPIC beat down. I look forward to it.