Let’s Take A Closer Look At The All-New Audi A8

After teasing us quite a bit prior to the A8’s official launch, Audi have finally pulled the wraps off what seems to be the most technologically advanced car in its segment.

Among it’s many party tricks are a 48-volt electrical system, a fully active electromechanical suspension, rear wheel steering, a foot massage function and level 3 autonomous driving, which means you’ll be able to take your hands off the steering wheel.

So then what does Carwow’s Mat Watson think of the car after checking it out during its unveiling in Barcelona? To start with, he takes a look at the exterior design and the thing that impressed him most was the LED bar at the rear, which he says reminds him of the 911 Carrera 4S.

What really stood out, however, was the interior, especially features such as the heated central armrest, touch-sensitive buttons with haptic and audio feedback, hidden airvents (like on a Jaguar, but better) and even the door handle, which you only need to touch gently in order for the door to open.

Something he wasn’t too thrilled about was Audi eliminating the MMI wheel from the center console, which he considered very practical when operating some of the car’s systems while on the move. Nevertheless, buttons are out and touch controls are in, so we’ll have to live with it.

You can check the whole mini-review of the 2018 A8 in Barcelona by watching the video right after the jump.


  • LJ

    “To start with, he takes a look at the exterior design and the thing that impressed him most was the LED bar at the rear, which he says reminds him of the 911 Carrera 4S.”

    This would be believable if they didn’t look exactly like the Lincoln Continental’s.

    • James

      They look like Audi Prologue Concept, from 2014, before Lincoln Continental.

    • Karl
      • Enter Ranting

        The taillights on the Continental actually look much more stylish and upscale.

    • gor134

      I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around since the taillights are exactly like the Prologue concept’s taillights, which came before the Continental did

      • LJ

        You could be right. I’m going by production models.

      • Robert

        Lincoln has been doing the connected rear taillight thing LONG before Audi put it on one of its concepts. So originally it’s Lincolns design cue

        • gor134

          We’re talking specifically about the shape of the taillights, not the style.

  • Sign Me Up

    I’ve always admired the A8. It’s a sleeper luxury automobile for those who are not so much into to being seen, but rather those whom wish to be left alone. Its interior has always been top-shelf.

  • salamOOn

    oh my! those stylish and classy fingerprints!

    • Craig

      Ugh! Those fingerprints would drive me nuts! I’d be polishing those screens continuously.

      • Grumpy

        Should come with a microfiber cloth.

  • Craig

    It seems surprisingly cold. More appliance like than ever.

  • Dennis James

    So many useless gimmicks (among, maybe, some good stuff)…moving the lighting, detachable tablets, motorized air vents…really stupid and useless things.

    • donald seymour

      This car reminds me of a Micheal Bay movie. A lot of gimmicks and very little substance.

  • Enter Ranting

    Those screens are COVERED with fingerprints. Nothing upscale about that. Do you have to wipe down the screens every time the car is used? And the cheap shiny “piano black” plastic covering most of the dash looks awful. This car is a total bust.


  • Miknik

    I can’t help but think that apart form the lower touchscreen for AC controls (and tbh, why is that better than some nice alloy knobs for basics and other settings controleld through the main screen) it looks like every other VAG interior. The digital instruments are not that special since you can have them in everything form the new Polo to a Skoda Karoq, that big fat slab of finger print magnet aka piano plack plastick with the main screen every so slightly a bit too low is in every second VAG interior, as is the horizontal vent line above it. And everything is grey, like it was made form your standard plastic (even If I’m sure it isn’t). Luxury? not really. Cold and tech gadget loaden, yes.

  • And in a couple of years they will say: “Yeah, we truly went overboard with touch screens on that A8…”

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