UK VW Owners Say ‘Repaired’ Diesel Cars Have Life-Threatening Faults

Various UK owners of VW diesel vehicles repaired as part of the worldwide recalls, have hit out claiming that their cars now suffer from life-threatening faults.

Speaking to the BBC One program Watchdog, owners claim various vehicles to have been repaired through a software update now suddenly go into limp mode, including when the vehicles are on the move. Some even say their vehicles have rapidly and unexpectedly decelerated to 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Mirror reports that approximately 37,000 owners in the UK contacted a law firm leading a class action against the automaker. Of those 37,000, approximately 10,000 owners had taken their VWs to be updated and 3,500 of them said their vehicle suffered issues after the repairs.

At least one owner told the British publication that her diesel VW Passat repeatedly went into limp mode and in one instance, she was forced to pull off the road – but not before the car was written off after being hit by a lorry.

Volkswagen has denied that its diesel emissions fix creates problems, saying most customers have been satisfied with the repairs.

“In the UK, the Volkswagen Group has implemented the technical measures in more than 720,000 vehicles and in over five million vehicles across Europe. To be clear, there is no systemic problem. The overwhelming majority of our customers have been fully satisfied,” the company said.