UK VW Owners Say ‘Repaired’ Diesel Cars Have Life-Threatening Faults

Various UK owners of VW diesel vehicles repaired as part of the worldwide recalls, have hit out claiming that their cars now suffer from life-threatening faults.

Speaking to the BBC One program Watchdog, owners claim various vehicles to have been repaired through a software update now suddenly go into limp mode, including when the vehicles are on the move. Some even say their vehicles have rapidly and unexpectedly decelerated to 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Mirror reports that approximately 37,000 owners in the UK contacted a law firm leading a class action against the automaker. Of those 37,000, approximately 10,000 owners had taken their VWs to be updated and 3,500 of them said their vehicle suffered issues after the repairs.

At least one owner told the British publication that her diesel VW Passat repeatedly went into limp mode and in one instance, she was forced to pull off the road – but not before the car was written off after being hit by a lorry.

Volkswagen has denied that its diesel emissions fix creates problems, saying most customers have been satisfied with the repairs.

“In the UK, the Volkswagen Group has implemented the technical measures in more than 720,000 vehicles and in over five million vehicles across Europe. To be clear, there is no systemic problem. The overwhelming majority of our customers have been fully satisfied,” the company said.


  • LJ

    How is this company even still in business after all of this?

    • Thando_Gqabaza

      They market “German Engineering” and people fall for it

    • Steve

      It’s simple, in Germany VW is partially owned by the state. (Lover Saxony, 20% with veto power). So whatever they do, they can not go bankrupt.
      They can get away with everything…

  • Zed68

    Simply because they can’t actually “fix” them.
    If they could have made them reliable+powerful+conforming to the pollution levels from the beginning, they would have done it.

  • Miknik

    Not only in Britain. All people I know in Austria with fixed Diesels also have their fair share of problems. As said, if it would have been so easy in the first place, VW would not have needed to cheat.

  • Vassilis

    Oops. But this is exactly why if I had an affected vehicle I wouldn’t even bother with the fix.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Exactly. My buddy had a Golf TDI and took the money…$17,000 for a 2011 TDI with 80k miles. No one in their right mind should have taken the “fix”.

  • Any chance there’s data listing which model years? I’ve been through Phase One in my (US) 2015 Passat and, thus far, no complaints with regard to performance and fuel economy. The soot-cooker (DPF regenerator) may be running more often and and piss tank may consume more DEF (jury is still out), but I’ve never been kicked down to “limp mode.”

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “Volkswagen has denied that its diesel emissions fix creates problems”

    Well, there you have it…case closed….cause, well, you know.

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