These Are The 20 Most And Least Expensive Cars To Insure

Car insurance is rarely a fun topic, as most people only think about the issue when it’s time to pay the bill or when something bad happens to their vehicle.

Thankfully, is spicing up the subject by releasing its annual report which shows the least and most expensive vehicles to insure. The extensive study averaged quotes from six different insurance companies in all 50 states. More impressively, the study looked at more than 2,800 different vehicles including everything, from entry-level compacts to ultra-luxury convertibles.

Starting with the cheapest vehicles to insure, the Honda Odyssey LX walked away with the title for a second year in a row, with an average premium of $1,112 per year. The minivan was closely followed by the Jeep Renegade Sport and Jeep Wrangler Black Bear, which have an average annual insurance premium of $1,138 and $1,148, respectively.

Five different Jeep vehicles finished in the top ten including the Compass (#5), Cherokee Sport (#7), and Patriot Sport (#8). According to’s consumer analyst, Penny Gusner, “When people think of Jeeps, they typically think about ruggedness, not bells and whistles. The Jeeps on the list are the entry-level and thus would cost less to repair or replace than a car that comes with lots of expensive luxury features.”

At the other end of the spectrum, the Mercedes S65 AMG Convertible had the dubious honor of being the most expensive car to insure, with average annual premium of $3,835. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the list is made of up powerful and expensive vehicles such as the Audi R8 V10, Dodge Viper GTS, and Maserati Quattroporte GTS.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the list is the fact that the Mercedes C43 AMG Convertible is more expensive to insure than pricier models such as the Mercedes-Maybach S600 and Nissan GT-R Nismo. notes that convertibles are more prone to thefts and break-ins, so car insurance rates will typically be higher than their coupe counterparts.

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  • Kaisuke971

    Lol at a C300 being more expensive to insure than an F-Type SVR

    • felix

      nobody wants to steal an f-type

      • serge charles

        I think it has more to do with who drives them/how much they cost to repair. Most C300 convertibles are driven by women to get dinged up in mall parking lots. Jaguar F-type SVRs spend most of their time in garages.

        • Infinite1

          Agreed, plus is just a bit over $100.00 more to insure so it’s not that big of a difference

  • pcurve

    I guess fancy soft tops are expensive to insure

  • Bash

    Well, I guess we’ve established now that Mercedes are expensive, soft tops are expensive too, a combo of too is.. expensive!! What a surprise. lol

  • Grumpy

    If you consider the price of the car, the “expensive” ones are actually cheap.
    911 turbo starts at $161k and is only 3 times the insurance of a Honday Odyssey LX which starts at 30k

  • wins_lord

    LOL my C63 S sedan costs almost 10k per year for insurance

    • pcurve

      you street park in detroit?

      • wins_lord

        Nah it’s cause I’m 18

        • Vassilis

          Why didn’t you get the Coupe?

          • Silimarina

            Because he’s a responsible kid, he has a reputation to maintain. Coupe’s are for immature 40+ years olds that go through midlife crisis.

          • Vassilis

            Duuude the C63 S Coupe looks so much better than the saloon. It’s also nicer to drive.

          • Silimarina

            I was sarcastic.I thought that a 18 years old having a reputation to maintain would give it away 🙂

          • Vassilis

            Oh. Yeah it does make more sense now. Sorry long day at work!

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            Wow…40 is now midlife crisis?

  • Vassilis

    Wow insurances are expensive in the US.

    • Infinite1


    • Althea Later

      The auto body business is part of the problem. All the “fancy” body shops play games and pad the bill. Even the shops that are trusted by the insurance companies play games. It’s a lot of scamming. You’ll have some minor damage on your car and somehow these shops will make it cost $5000 to fix, when a small place could have probably fixed it just as well for $2000.

      • Bo Hanan

        I went in for a windshield for my FJ Cruiser and left with that and a full paint job some $7500.00 later. I’m not complaining… and here’s my $250.00 deductible. Thank you.

      • Vassilis

        Seriously wow. In Greece I pay $600 per year which covers everything except damage from an accident I cause. That’s for a 2.0 litre around $30k car. Some minor damage (a scratch or a dent) can be fixed for as little as $100 in a shop that specializes on such repairs. I don’t think those prices are very different in the rest of Europe either.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Well, that IS Greece and FAR FAR less vehicles compared to the US, less roads, less high speeds, less distance between cities all equals less driving. So your insurance being cheaper in Greece over a car in the US makes perfect sense. Just like this like comparison, it’s not surprising. The lists just state the perfectly obvious.

          • Vassilis

            I’ve no idea how insurance economics work but because there are fewer cars etc etc wouldn’t it make more sense if it was more expensive? Since they have less cars to make money from I would expect them to charge more. Anyway, I think the prices I mentioned are similar in the UK, Germany etc as well. Still not as big as the US but bigger than Greece obviously.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            The way I understand it in the US anyway, it’s based on several factors from repair cost to driving record to location. If you have a good driving record you can save money over those who don’t. Then you figure in the cost of repairs to said cars. So for instance, a Mustang is very high to insure based on the amount of claims(they are crashed more often), then if you add in the cost increase for those under 25 due to higher rates of incidence it’s even more. The more miles of road and the amount of cars on those roads combined with higher speeds and more open roads tend to equal higher rate of accidents. Then add in the geographic location variable. It’s higher cost to insure a Mustang in Florida as opposed to Wyoming.

      • SteersUright

        Very true. Somehow every little repair here in the USA costs a fortune. Its amazing how many very good cars get written off as salvage nowadays simply because of an expensive repair.

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